Monday, November 7, 2011

Afraid of...

Machine quilting! It terrifies me. Sooooooo much room for mistakes. It's like the icing on the cake. So what if you made the yummiest cake in the world. If it looks like crap nobody's going to eat it.

That's the pressure I feel when I go to quilt a quilt on my own machine on my own...scary. And seeing how I am quilting a quilt right now that falls into the "look how much I learned making this!" category...the quilting isn't going that well.

So it is NOT getting gifted. It will live on the couch hopefully crumpled up around somebody that is too cozy to care what it looks like.

Included is a nasty picture of my make it work workspace that is next to the laundry. What you can't see, and what I forgot were even in there, are the two goldfish encrusted car seats right behind the table that need a cleaning...makes me want to scream "why does everything have to be so clean?!" (is that from something? Movie maybe?)

Oh the woes of a Monday...

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