Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great and not so great

Today hasn't been the best. It was a hard one. I took some NyQuil last night to help me sleep and get rid of the last bits of my cough that had been popping up at night.

Well, we got a new Netflix DVD in the mail so when the kids finally went to sleep the Mr. and I stayed up too late watching Sherlock Holmes. Fun, but had I known what today held I would've gone to bed.

Anyway, so I woke up in kind of a NyQuil-haze-brain-cloud and went to take a shower to jump start my face (showers are a wonderful creation). SURPRISE! cold.

Turns out our water heater isn't heating anymore. Since we are renting, we can't just go fix it ourselves, so the day is then spent with a shadow of anticipation for the repair man. He pushed the reset button.

Why didn't we think of that?! I'll tell you why. Doesn't. Work. Now we have 3 minutes of a warm bath but have been swapped cold water for rusty brown water. Not so great. That right there cancels out the 3 minutes of warm.

So there's that. And here's what else. I need two things (well 3 actually) to be a nice lady, a decent mother, and a kind wife. First: sleep. I've never been able to stay up late without sleeping in later and I can't run on 6 hours of sleep like most people. I make bad choices when I haven't had enough sleep and it usually involves way too much food and self loathing. I need at least 7 to return to neutral. 8+ is even better. Then I'll be nice to you!

Second: A long hot shower. Very long. Till the hot runs out long. And that cannot be 3 minutes. That is not enough time to think all the thoughts and relax. Not at all (the third is running/exercise and I haven't figured out/keep making excuses for why that hasn't been fit into my routine yet).

We had playgroup today and I was not too pleased with some of monkey pants' choices, though I think he inherited his sleep needs from me and frequently has a funky day if he doesn't get enough sleep. But it led me to wonder those thoughts of self doubt, what am I not doing to help him to listen, share, and respect other children? How many times do I have to scream it before it's understood? Don't worry, these are all fleeting thoughts brought on by the sleepiness and, fortunately, I can recognize that. He's a great boy, we all have our off days, but let's do them on different days.

We went to Costco to get water bottles and lunch in the process (a Costco hot dog can fix many a problem I tell you what). Matthew loves the "pink cups" as much as I do so I got one for the three of us to share. We were also there to get a quick lunch to take to Mr. Lady Face who had a break in between classes. Well today we were THAT family you see sometimes that is careless and not paying attention, causing traffic jams with those boat-carts, blocks the access to the straws and DROPS THE PINK CUP. Minus several thousand points for style right there.

I did get the kids to take naps at the same time which had almost the same psychological benefit of the sleep I missed. I decided to do some yoga. 20 mins into my first real session in months and the repair man shows up. Yay...but why now!!

And you know the rest if that story. Hopefully we can get it fixes or replaced so I can sit in my shower and go over all this one last time and let it be over.

Oh yeah. This post is titled with GREAT in it. And I did have a great moment! Mail! It was a good mail day. New issue of Real Simple followed by two packages of fabric. Two charm squares of Just Wing It for a drunkards path quilt along that I'm obscenely late to begin (check out the blogs needle and spatula and ocd:obsessive crafting disorder), and four kona solids that were only $3.50 per yard!

So that was the awesome part. Not a total loss right?!

And bonus points to you stranger, for getting to the bottom of this crazy rant.

Here are some pics of the kids enjoying the first snowfall this past weekend in our yard. Plus Lady Face attacking the dog this afternoon pretending to be a scary monster. Cute.

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