Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One down and vacation on the mind...

We are going to grandma's (my mom's) house on Friday! It's all the kids can talk about and it's all I can think about. It's been a busy year and it feels like we haven't had a chance to relax in a while.

I'm excited for grandparents to distract my children so I don't have to be "on" ALL day long (does that sound awful?). Also, the whole family will be there, which is particularly exciting for me as we haven't met the two newest editions to the family and most of the family hasn't met Lady Face.

We are driving from Idaho to California and might be bringing the dog. We will stop at the first In-N-Out we come to and every one after. I will eat an entire Chocolate Rum Cake from Prolific Oven in Palo Alto and delight in the familiar places I haven't seen since before Lady Face was born...not to mention friends, family, and Thanksgiving.

Maybe some shopping? Yes please.

But.....it's Tuesday. Before we leave at 4am (yeah right) Friday morning I have a long to do list. Baking, cleaning, packing, sewing and I'm about ready to just sit on the couch and let my kids watch Cars 2 over and over again and just fast forward to Friday.

On a totally different note, I finished quilting the blue Ohio Stars quilt and it's a great snuggler but not the greatest looker. I LOVE the binding. It's my favorite part.

I learned a lot making it. We will leave it at that. However it does get bonus points because Monkey pants likes it. He has a Linus type attachment to a blue blanket and is very "selective" about what blanket can keep him warm. When I finished this one he wanted to snuggle under it! WIN.

I'm also desperately behind on the drunkards path quilt along but have finally gotten some of my squares sewn and am hoping to get them all done and trimmed before we go as I'd love to finish it by the 28th to link it up with everyone else's.

Don't let them fool you, either. Sewing curves IS scary. But now, I can do it! And it's fun. I like it.

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