Thursday, December 29, 2011


I'm not quite sure what day it is, though the phone tells me it's happened to Tuesday?  And Wednesday?  I just don't know.

Anywho.  Today has been moderately productive so far!  I have decided on some fabrics for my Farmer's Wife Quilt, which I'm excited to start, but freaked out at the same time because if each block finishes at 6" those are some reallytinypieces I get to cut out and sew tonight!!

Also, My mother-in-law is coming to visit next week (which will also be NEXT YEAR!!), so I thought I'd make up a lasagna or two!  And I did.  And I may have over-seasoned them.  We'll see.

As I'm about halfway through the layering of noodles, oodles of cheese, and sauce, I remember...Isn't my mother-in-law on the ATKINS DIET?!

So, I maybe just made two enormous lasagnas for us....yay?!

Hopefully I can have a win with the farmer's wife tonight on our first date!! (yes.  I am lame.)

Wish me luck!!

What are you working on tonight?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is it warmer yet?

Goodness sakes it's cold here.  And my kiddos are going bonkers.  Husband is on a nice lengthy break from school also, and so far we are still all alive...we'll see how long that lasts.  He's been great while losing his mind at home all day long, so I sent him to the movies tonight.   He deserves the break. 

I'm from California.  The Bay Area to be precise, and I'm missing it.  I'm always cold here, and as a group, we have developed too much of a reliance on movies to pass the day.  Sleeping in until 8am most days also helps, but seeing as we've also been staying up until way to late, so we still aren't getting much sleep (smart right?), and not getting out very much.   I got a collection of Hitchcock DVD's for Christmas so that's what we've been staying up watching...which doesn't help me sleep either.

Now that Christmas is over, and it's really over here at our place (the Lowe's Christmas tree we bought a couple weeks ago was past dead on the 23rd so we took it down on the 26th along with the rest of our decorations), we are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves...Mr. and I have read all three of the Hunger Games books, and compared opinions on the ending, which I thought was a little  Did you read the series?  What did you think? What should we read next?

We have played Mario Kart, and tried to teach Monkey Pants to drive (he likes to make whoever he's driving "dance"...which is cute, right?).  I am trying to finish my Drunkard's Path Quilt before the new year, so by Saturday. Pictures to come soon.  The lighting in this house is terrible for pictures. 

Also, I got my Farmer's Wife Quilt book in the mail today and am hoping to start on that tonight or tomorrow.  There's a goal of getting 56 blocks (to be caught up with the rest of the flickr group  working on this project) by around February so I have my work cut out for me there.

 I realized on Christmas Eve that Lady Face doesn't have a stocking!!  So I used mine to make a template for hers and made this green wonder to the left in no time at all.  Not super awesome, but I plan on making a better one, and adding some more things to this one to pretty it up...

I'm also trying to compile my personal, creative, and family goals for the new year.  I like to have something to work towards so I can gauge my progress as the year goes on.  I like thinking back on how much has happened in the year that's ending and figuring out what I want to do better, or more or less of, and try to help our family keep going in the right direction.  I'm still working on this so I'll probably share this with y'all next week.

 Hope you had a Merry Christmas (or a great holiday that you do celebrate if it's not Christmas), and have a happy and safe New Year!
(This is the family picture we put together in four minutes at the request of one of the Grandma's-Lady Face and Hobbes look so thrilled!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas so far...

We decorated last Friday and got a tree. Our dog, Hobbes, likes to sleep under, no, IN the tree. Perhaps to be safe or camouflaged from the kids?

Here are my favorite decorations.

(yes we have a cow tree topper. Story later)


Get ready for some poorly lit pictures!

These will no particular order (you can make a game of it and guess!!):

A pillowcase
Drunkards path lap quilt
Christmas something
Wedding quilt
Baby quilt
A bag for Monkey Pants to put all his cars and tractors in

And THAT is what I'm working on. I'd love to have them all finished by the end of the year which may happen for all but the wedding quilt-in which case I'm hoping to have the fabric and a plan and call that good.

What are you getting done?