Wednesday, January 18, 2012

don't eat doritos after 10:30...

...because you'll eat the entire bag (or almost) and won't be able to decide what to work on and get nothing done as a result.  well, i took some blurry instagram pictures to show you of what i've been up to latey, but that doesn't really count. 

i've been on a cutting spree lately and have cut into my collection of Aneela Hoey fabrics, turning all that i can into 5" charm squares.  i had more than i thought, so this might take me a while to use up, and fortunately some people i know are going to be having baby girls this year, so i might share some of those adorable prints and make some baby quilts too.  but i'm thinking an enourmous patchwork quilt just for me.  like this perhaps:

and then i cut into my stash of "boyish" fabrics, which i'm pleased to see more of recently, and turned those into charms also....which i'm really excited about because it turns out i have more of those than i thought.

i'm planning to make monkey pants a patchwork quilt with them that would look a little something like this next picture:

only not blurry of course.  and...i know someone who's having a baby boy in march!  so that's great for them because they'll probably get an awesome baby quilt from me.

then, i've got enough girly fabrics to follow this quilt-along and am making lady face a quilt for her birthday that will turn out like that, and look a little like this in the middle. haven't decided on the background color but it ain't going to be white!!! suggestions?

next i'd like to show you some pieces of two projects.  the first is for my in-law's and will hopefully be a one year anniversary present.  my mother-in-law  is from Virginia and i found a Virginia star block tutorial (i'll have to find the link to that for you) so i'm making a quilt entirely in Virignia stars for them.  the colors aren't ones i'd pick out for me, but i think they will like them.

then, i fell in love with the new collection, Salt Air for Moda Fabrics (don't remember who the designer is, sorry) and have been wanting to do something with half square triangles.  well thank you Jeni for this awesome tutorial!  i'm over the moon for these block's of the month that she's planned and am super excited to have an enormous quilt at the end of the year.  i didn't trim my squares and just used charms, so it'll be extra large. here's how my january block turned out:

finally, my progress with the farmer's wife quilt is going nicely.  every time i sit down to make a few blocks its interesting to see the fabrics i choose to put together, and the blocks i feel like doing.  sometimes i can get 4 or 5 done in one day, but that's when i've had lots of coordinated naps for the kids, and stayed up way too late.  i started this project the 30th of december and so far i have 41 blocks!  but that's not super exciting as there are 111 in all, and i've almost run out of ones to do that don't make me super nervous to put together!  here's a horrible picture of them together so far:

 and for good measure, a picture of my little corner of fabric.  fun fact: this used to be our dining room table in virginia, but when we moved into our rental house here in idaho it turned out to be way to big for the kitchen space but the perfect size for the end of the laundry room.  (yes that is a lawn chair)
hope life's been treating you well, it has been a good year so far for us! 

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