Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am a work in progress...

There are sooo many things I want to do.

So many things I want to eat, read, wear, try... I know it's impossible to check even a tiny fraction of those things off before I'm dead.  Sometimes that depresses me quite a lot, and I have to refocus, or take a hot shower and remind myself that having options is a good thing.  And, let's be honest, life isn't about making as many Nutella recipe's as I can sad as that is...but when I get onto that train of thought, as I did for a little while today, thinking about how I have 52 books on my shelves at home that I either haven't read, started and never finished, or read and now can't remember at feels so blah...and sad that we don't have the time to do everything we want.  It reaffirms to me the importance of spending our time wisely.  Something I am not always that great at doing.

I took a look at my list of resolutions and goals for this year and realized that I don't know if I will do half of them.  Same goes for my quilting and sewing to-do list.  I feel like I often have the best intentions, but they end up going nowhere...and that's what I think I need to work on about myself.

Following through.  And then relaxing about it if I don't get something done because...I am a tightly bound bundle of nerves...and I've got to learn how to take it easy...and "go with it" even especially when "it" doesn't go my way...

So here's a "simplified" list of the things I'm working on.  Personally and Otherwise:

1. This year I need to make exercise part of my life.  My ultimate goal would be to run a race (5k perhaps?) and feel proud of my effort at the end.  This is a loaded personal brick wall for me...perhaps I'll feel like talking about it later.
2. I want to ENJOY my children while they are young.  To me this means that I have to stop saying, "just a minute" and get on the floor and play with monster trucks, look at animal flash cards, and have fun with them while they still want to be around me. My little Lady Face has almost all of her teeth...she's no baby anymore...
3. I want to follow through on being more thoughtful.  Think about doing more things for other people, especially if they're things I wouldn't choose to do but that would make the other person happy.  And I'd like to be better at remembering birthdays but I've had 6 chances at that so far this year that have all been pretty much a fail.
4. Finish 2 wedding quilts, one for my friend who got married in August, and one for my mother-in-law who got married in April.
5. Organize my photos chronologically, have them put onto cd's and print the ones I want copies of, and put them into photo binders (I'm not much of a scrapbook-er...), or into nice frames and hang them on the wall or somewhere where I can see them.
6. Embroider something(s)
7. Make my wonderful Husband a quilt (he wants all solids, and mostly earthy brownish tones and I'm kind of resisting...but I think it would make his day if I made one for him)
8. Make myself a quilt for our bed, and a bunch more to snuggle under.  I get cold all the time, and love to pile under blankets everywhere, at all times, and especially with a book.
9. Give project 365 a shot
10. Be a better blogger (as this serves as a mini-journal for me in ways...)
11. Make my kids each a zig-zag quilt for their birthdays this year in April.

So that's that.  My "New Years Resolutions".

I've got more to show that I've been doing something this week besides sleeping all the time, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow...

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this far...(and yes, I discovered Instagram.  I love it)

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  1. I was blog-hopping and got to yours. Read through your list of goals for 2012, and in particular your perhaps-goal about running a 5k. I don't know what your story is, but last year, my sister and I start both a diet and an exercise program 9really, a new lifestyle). My sister was more faithful than I, both in losing weight and in exercising. Neither one of us thought that we could be a runner; however, my sister found an App on her iPhone called "Couch to 5k". We both downloaded it. We both ran 5k's, and sis ran a half marathon at the end of last year. If you are wanting to run, and need a tool to assist you (and if you have a smart phone), I would encourage you to download a couch to 5k app. It takes about 40 min. per exercise session 3 times/week. I think that it is a 12 week program. It's a walk-run program that gradually builds up your running time. You don't have to look at a watch. When the voice in your ear tells you to run, you run until it tells you to walk. Better still, you can listen to your downloaded music while this app runs. It's very user-friendly. Sis and I give it full-credit for getting us running. (And by the way, sis is 41 and I am 55 y.o.). Good luck with all your goals, and I hope that you don't mind me sending you my 2 cents worth of advice!