Monday, January 23, 2012

monday, monday...

...I became an Idaho citizen today.  I aced the eye test, and got 4 wrong on the drivers test...and is it just me or are things getting much more "techy" around those places...the test was on a touch screen computer, with pictures! i took my driver's test in California with a PENCIL AND PAPER!  I'm pretty sure it was a scantron (and we thought those were fancy).

Anyway, we're trying to get our car registered and everything, and kind of forgot to do it until our Virginia registration ran out at the end of last month and the Mr. got pulled over and informed of the problem.  embarrassing, right?! since I've never owned a car before and moved to a different state, I'm not sure what normal procedure is, but it seems like an awful lot of hassling and getting original copies and paperwork nonsense to me...

But that was only part of our awesome Monday experience.  the other part was much scarier.  Monkey Pants did NOT take a nap (it took him exactly 6 minutes to fall asleep tonight though, so that was pretty awesome), but also, while not taking their nap, these adorable children of mine somehow managed to down their dresser, and escape unscratched. I have no idea how it happened because I was in the bathroom when I heard the BOOM, followed by a brief scared cry from Lady Face, followed by Monkey Pants exclaiming, "She broked it!  She broked it!"

I didn't know what to do! Kiss them for being fine and not decapitated or severed into pieces, or be upset that the dresser we've had for all of two months got broken (that was an organizational win for me - thanks Ikea, of course).  It was so scary, so now whenever I hear the drawers open to that dresser, I run in to check on them.  One of my biggest fears is that something like that will happen with disastrous results that is easily preventable (had I not been in the bathroom at that precise moment)! just kills me. 

Back to fabric though, I got two great packages in the mail today.  One from Hawthorne Threads, pretty much my favorite online fabric shop for their great selection and awesome fast shipping, the other from The Fat Quarter Shop, which has a great sale section that I frequently obsess over at nights.  If you haven't visited them before, you should do so right now.  But I'm not responsible for what happens...its super fantastic!

From the Fat Quarter Shop I got some Aneela Hoey prints of the girl on the swing from her line Sherbet Pips, and some of the others, including the scarves in two colors.  I plan on using the scarves to bind my upcoming patchwork quilt that will feature all three of her fabric lines (p.s. have you seen the Christmas line she has coming out?  It's just what I've been waiting for as far as Christmas fabrics go.  It's so cute).  The other prints here are Alexander Henry's Paris Park in pink, and a blue and grey print that I'm forgetting the name of right now (bottom right, anyone know it?).  Great deal.  I am always proud of myself when I can encourage my fabric addiction at a great price (win-win!).
From Hawthorne Threads I got some odds and ends I've been oogling for a while.  Some of the butterfly and sweet spots prints from the line Betty Butterfly by Patty Solinger,  an awesome new print from the collection Washi by Rashida Coleman Hale, the bunting print from Circus Party by Michael Miller, squirrels and trees in sorbet by David Walker's Get Together line, then some Joel Dewberry herringbone in pond (must have more! so pretty), and a fun Ikat print from Sorbet by Michael Miller (and I want the rest of those colors too!)

I have a huge WIP list that I'm hoping to make progress on this week.  Too much to even make it worth listing in this post.  I'm hoping to finish sewing together the main star of my Made In Cherry quilt, and get some Farmer's Wife blocks made (I took a break from all those super tiny pieces but I think I'm ready for it again).  I also have some pieces cut for the Oh My Stars! quilt-along that I need to get to sewing before my brain can no longer connect the pieces to the directions anymore...

It started snowing here today (finally) and I'm hoping there's enough on the ground in the morning that the monkeys can get bundled up and go mess around outside for a while!

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