Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So, yesterday I was pretty determined to get some things checked off the list.  I have too many projects in progress and need to focus and complete something before I keep starting new things.  Good plan, right?

Well, then my kids too their nap and I wanted to watch the newest episode of The Bachelor on Hulu while I did some sewing and what did I do? I started 3 new projects.  Baby blankets using this lovely block tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches.  I'm pretty sure I want to make 5 more quilts for myself using my scraps and this block, but no.  I have to have a finish first.  I got some more fabric yesterday that's for my Husband's quilt (this is the one I'm making while taking a class from Rachel Griffith) and so I can finally start cutting that...another start...!!


So, here's what I've got going on, and what I did get done this week (I'm hoping that joining in on these WIP Wednesdays will help me account for all my projects, and keep me from starting more until I make progress on or finish another one).

Nothing :(

New Projects:
*3 Baby quilts (2 due in March, 1 due in may) using the tutorial I mentioned above.  All I got done was the cutting, and still have some more to cut for the boy one.

*Husband's quilt-fabric received and ready to cut tonight!
*Oh My Stars! quilt-along - Have fabric cut and pinned for a few of my first stars but haven't sewn them together yet, besides the fact that I'm starting way late in the game, but It's a really awesome quilt that I wanted to start making before I forgot about it.

Made Progress:
Made in Cherry quilt-along - I've got the main part sewn together and need to finish up the star points, then figure out what to use as background fabric.

No Progress:
*In-Law's quilt (still need to finish cutting the pieces)
*Patchwork quilts for my kids (2 quilts)
*Farmers Wife QA
*do.Good stitches February blocks
*Hoop Up Stitch and Swap (need to make my inspiration piece and a gallery)
*Sherbet Pips, A Walk in the Woods, and Little Apples patchwork quilt

I'm linking up for the first time to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday link party!  Fingers crossed I can figure it out...!!

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