Thursday, March 22, 2012

For swaps?

Guess who had an awesome idea that I'm a little late getting in on?  Lucy at Charm About You!

Charm About You
She's doing a stale stash swap which is genius. Absolute genius.  So here's what I've got to swap.  Let me know if you see something you like in the comments or in an email!  I'll update this post as things change.

I have a bunch of fabric I'd love to swap.  The stale stash swap is dealing in FQ's.  I've listed how man FQ's of each fabric I'm willing to swap but some of these are less than an FQ so if you see something you like anyway, let me know and we can work something out.  I've just grown tired of these fabrics, or have more than I'll use.  Hope you find something you like!

 Except for the pink polka dots the rest are a bit less than 1 FQ Polka dots and birds have been swapped!

 Also a smidge less than 1 FQ each-Green on the right swapped

 1 FQ of each of these - HELICOPTER and construction print have been SWAPPED

This is a Michael Miller print, 2 FQ available

Erin McMorris, 2 FQ available Swapped

London 2 FQ available

Canning Day from Connecting Threads 4 FQ available  Swapped

 Wonderland by MoMo 3 FQ's available

 Play Dot by Michael Miller 3 FQ's available Swapped

 Don't know the names of these but all are quilt shop quality.  Less than 1 FQ of the far right, 1 FQ of other two.

 This is actually a dark blue print called Itsy Bits for Andover Fabrics 3 FQ's

 1 FQ of the far left swapped, a little less than 1 FQ of the other three

 1 FQ available  swapped

 These three are from Connecting Threads, 1 FQ of each available

 1 FQ of each  Pink on the left has been swapped

 Pooches and Pickups from Robert Kaufman 2 FQ of each color available

Tula Pink Dandelion 2 FQ available Swapped

This is a little darker blue than in the picture.  3 FQ's available.  Called Housework Whenever for In The Beginning 

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday survival wishes to all!

Here's what I've got to show for my absent-ness lately.  Our little ones have been trading colds and coughs but I think we're over it.  We did a lot of this recently...

 This is their new favorite book and favorite story - The Gingerbread Man.  And yes, that is me.

I finished my bee blocks for this month of the bliss circle of do. Good Stitches.  I winged it and I think they turned out ok.  Next time though, I've got to make sure the edges aren't going to be lost when all the blocks are sewn together.

I am currently hand quilting my husband's quilt!  Yahoo, this beast has been weighing heavily on my shoulders.  Here's a very badly lit photo of the top, which measured 81x91.  And it's pretty great.  I tested it by falling asleep while working on it yesterday and it was very nice. It has flannel on the back :)

Here's a sneak peek for my partner in the covert robin swap!  I'm hoping to get this baby on it's way this week.

I started a new project from Camille Roskelly's book, Simplify, last weekend and got all the strips sewn up last night.  This is the Dream Big pattern in the book and it's been a super quick and painless project so far.  I picked out a bunch of spring prints from my stash to use here as it was grey skies and almost rain/snow/sky-spit yucks last week...blah...this quilt will be a reminder of happiness even when the weather sucks.
I still have to pick border fabric.  This pattern has a couple borders and I might do white as one of them...or a solid...any ideas?
Hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's Day this weekend!  We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner, per tradition, and saw the first green in the grass in months!

And to leave you with something that makes me smile
It's so nice when we all get along! 

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Won Something Awesome!

My day has just been brightened by a fantastic email. I won a giveaway!!

Red Pepper Quilts had a giveaway from Moona Fabrics of 10 fat quarters of Summerlove by Pat Bravo.  I entered it dreaming of all things summery and thinking I might as well go and buy some.  These giveaways have hundreds of entries and I can't remember a time in my life that I've won something...

The fabric was in and out of my online shopping carts all day!

And what did I find today in my inbox? I had to look twice...I won the 10 fat quarters!!!!

Check out this's unbelievable! I have shopped at Moona Fabrics before and they are a wonderful place!  If you haven't visited them before, you should definitely check them out!

I'm so excited, now I get to flip through my quilting books and find the perfect pattern to use for these beautiful fabrics!  Stay tuned...I'll be sure to share pictures when they arrive!

Friday, March 9, 2012

a little about me...

I love when bloggers I'm reading post tidbits about themselves.  That makes it more personal and friendship-y to me.  I like it.  I haven't done much of this and realize that just by looking through my posts it's not too personal. 

I apologize. 

I hope to become more relateable and personal so you can all get to know me better...and I thought this might help for the blogger who has fallen upon having me as their "person" in the Covert Robin swap get to know me better too :)

Here's some help/random things about me:

I am a dog person
I am a Mac person
I am a diet coke person
I like blue, grey, oceany, beachy, summery colors
I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids
I love Modern Family, Psych, The Golden Girls, and 30 Rock
I am the housewife version of Liz Lemon (though I am taller and don't wear glasses...)
I get bored easily and have about 6 WIP's and at least 4 quilts I have fabric pulled for and want to cut and start
I got married when I was 19 and now we have 2 kids (our son came 2 weeks before I graduated college) and will hit our 5 year anniversary in May
I want to have at least 2 more kids but we're going to wait a while until the Mr. gets a little more school checked off
I am from Palo Alto, California and would love to move back...tomorrow if possible...(James Franco went to high school with my brother and Jeremy Lin was in the class after only link to famous people...haha)
I don't like peanut butter or applesauce, bring on the Nutella!
I would love to decorate my home in a shabby chic way with a touch of modern, lots of white so the color pops, and a gas stove is a must (but we're renting so...someday?)
I am very shy...that's why I like this blogging thing...In person is a little scary for me...
I don't like talking on the phone
I love cooking and baking and the Food Network
I wear flats, not heels.
I am a chocoholic...seriously...
I don't like Twilight. 
I like the Hunger Games.
I love to read and have too many books...about a third of them are children's books.
I am not a morning person
I am not photogenic, I'd rather take the pictures than be in them. 
I have never made anything with a zipper
I have never made a pillow cover....or anything more than quilts of various sizes...
I'm not into fabric with licensed characters...I LOVE Aneela Hoey, Sarah Jane, and October Afternoon
My favorite fabric collections so far are Fly a Kite, and California Girl, and I'm looking forward to my order of Flea Market Fancy!!

Hope this helps a little! I'm pretty sure my Flickr is linked on the side of my blog, as is my Pinterest if you need more visuals!   

Fingers crossed I will have things to show you tomorrow!  I'm making good progress on my husband's quilt and need to go find some flannel for the back. 

Happy weekending to you!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


...I totally missed WIP Wednesday again...mainly because I hate uploading just a couple pics at a time to the computer...

BUT, I still wanted to share what I've been up to this week.

 I have FINALLY gotten the blocks cut for my husband's quilt.  This week he offered, out of the blue, to move the furniture so I can sandwich it up, cute right! I think he's a little anxious for me to finish it.
 This is what I came up with for the March block of the Books and Blocks Bee Too, which was a challenge for me.  I don't usually dream of these colors, and the middle fabric just isn't my style, but I wanted to make our March leader happy.  I'm happy with what I came up with.  That's the joy of being in a Bee, you get to make things you normally wouldn't make! 
This was for We Bee Modern March where our leader this time gave us free reign to do whatever block we wanted to.  Scary!  Too many options is always a good problem, but still a problem for me either way.  I need some kind of direction.  I asked what colors she likes and she said green and grey.  I think it turned out well and I'm really glad to have both of these blocks checked off my to-do list!

Oh, I also finished the HST block of the month too but didn't get a photo taken yet. Check!

I'm also participating in the Covert Robin swap and have been stalking my recipient's blog.  I'll tell you a secret: I'm super intimidated by their skill level!  Holy moly.  We're talking this is one super talented lady!  I figured out what I want to make and am now just waiting on the supplies.  I just hope she'll like it!!  

My Made in Cherry quilt is sandwiched and ready to quilt so I'll have that and (fingers crossed) my husband's quilt top to show you tomorrow!  

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

I can't believe February is gone.  March will probably go even faster, there's a lot to do already!!

I suppose I did get some things done in February:

 HST block of the month from In Color Order
 Greek Cross
 Solstice Star Sampler from Fresh Lemons
 Granny Squares from Jolene's tutorial at Blue Elephant Stitches
 Finished 2 out of 3 baby blankets using granny squares

 2 Blocks for Avery

 Bee block for We Bee Modern February

 Sailboat blocks for do. Good Stitches Bliss circle
 Extra large granny square block (2) using Joelene's tutorial again and Fly A Kite fabric
 Books and Blocks bee February block
 Map blanket for my kids to mess with
 Picked fabric for a friend who's getting married in June.  It will be a Swoon!

Finally  put together my Drunkard's Path quilt and got about 1/4th through hand quilting.

I guess February was enough time to get a few things done.

Here are my plans for March:
-Bee blocks (1) We Bee Modern - I get to pick which one I want to make out of the book, so that will be fun, but which to pick!! (2) Books and Blocks bee - our leader has chosen Megan's star from the book, which is an awesome block.  I'm a little less excited about this one, just because it's just not my style of fabric choices, so this may be a bit of a challenge. (3) do. Good Stitches bliss circle - we get to make pink and orange wonky log cabin blocks, awesome as I have lots of pink and orange to choose from!  I haven't made wonky log cabins before either so I'm excited to learn.
-Finish quilting Drunkard's Path quilt
-Finish quilt from the Mr. - I've got almost all the blocks done and am really really hoping to have the top done this weekend
-Solstice stars and summer sample quilt - I have enough to make a top with and want to use the rest of my Woodlands fabrics to finish it.  Should be easy to put together once I finish a few other things first!
-Last baby quilt - bind, wash, and mail!
-Sew Cherry Quilt - I picked the background fabric and just need to cut it, and piece the back.  I'm going to use some Sarah Jane prints on the back and I think it will be cool enough to be reversible.  Really want to check that one off the list and start using it!
-HST Block of the month from In Color Order - Jeni's posted to tutorial for the March block and I'm hoping to get that done today with my Salt Air and Bella solids in white charm squares
-Swoon wedding quilt - fortunately my friend isn't getting married until June, but I'd like to get a couple blocks done for her quilt this month.
-In Law's wedding quilt - Start putting the virginia stars together that will make up the top.
-make a plan for another Wedding quilt 

Wish me luck!  I'll update soon.