Thursday, March 22, 2012

For swaps?

Guess who had an awesome idea that I'm a little late getting in on?  Lucy at Charm About You!

Charm About You
She's doing a stale stash swap which is genius. Absolute genius.  So here's what I've got to swap.  Let me know if you see something you like in the comments or in an email!  I'll update this post as things change.

I have a bunch of fabric I'd love to swap.  The stale stash swap is dealing in FQ's.  I've listed how man FQ's of each fabric I'm willing to swap but some of these are less than an FQ so if you see something you like anyway, let me know and we can work something out.  I've just grown tired of these fabrics, or have more than I'll use.  Hope you find something you like!

 Except for the pink polka dots the rest are a bit less than 1 FQ Polka dots and birds have been swapped!

 Also a smidge less than 1 FQ each-Green on the right swapped

 1 FQ of each of these - HELICOPTER and construction print have been SWAPPED

This is a Michael Miller print, 2 FQ available

Erin McMorris, 2 FQ available Swapped

London 2 FQ available

Canning Day from Connecting Threads 4 FQ available  Swapped

 Wonderland by MoMo 3 FQ's available

 Play Dot by Michael Miller 3 FQ's available Swapped

 Don't know the names of these but all are quilt shop quality.  Less than 1 FQ of the far right, 1 FQ of other two.

 This is actually a dark blue print called Itsy Bits for Andover Fabrics 3 FQ's

 1 FQ of the far left swapped, a little less than 1 FQ of the other three

 1 FQ available  swapped

 These three are from Connecting Threads, 1 FQ of each available

 1 FQ of each  Pink on the left has been swapped

 Pooches and Pickups from Robert Kaufman 2 FQ of each color available

Tula Pink Dandelion 2 FQ available Swapped

This is a little darker blue than in the picture.  3 FQ's available.  Called Housework Whenever for In The Beginning 

Thanks for looking!!


  1. I love the fish in the first picture. I *just* finally got my link up at Lucy's. Let me know if you see anything you'd want to trade for it :)

  2. I like the bird and the dot fabric in picture one and the Micheal miller play dots...I'm no.4 on lucy's list......I also have other fabrics on my fabric page let me know which ones you like =D

  3. Oh!! I need those helicoptors for my son's I Spy quilt!! He's aviation-obsessed, lol. Also the white Kaufman Pooches and Pickups. And third option the construction site print if there's three here you'd like??

    I'm really enjoying "shopping" like this!

  4. Great fabrics! Thank you so much for joining in :) happy swapping!

  5. i like the erin mcmorris please look at my link Im no 12, thanks Dana

  6. i also like the green fabric The one thats just under a fat quarter...

  7. Dang it! I wanted those houses on the yellow background!!

  8. I am keen on your 'canning day' all 4 FQs, and the pink/coral floral print in your un-named 15th picture. I am #18 on the Swap Link page and am offering Easter, Halloween and farmyard novelty prints to swap if you are interested.

  9. I'd be willing to swap with you for some of your stale stash. Do I need to be listed in the "swap links" in order to participate? Hope not! I'd love the London - 2 fat quarters, the Wonderland - 3 fat quarters, and the yellow/gray flower fabric in the photo that's fourth from the bottom. Let me know what kind of fabrics you'd like in exchange and I'll see if I can make your wishes come true!