Friday, March 9, 2012

a little about me...

I love when bloggers I'm reading post tidbits about themselves.  That makes it more personal and friendship-y to me.  I like it.  I haven't done much of this and realize that just by looking through my posts it's not too personal. 

I apologize. 

I hope to become more relateable and personal so you can all get to know me better...and I thought this might help for the blogger who has fallen upon having me as their "person" in the Covert Robin swap get to know me better too :)

Here's some help/random things about me:

I am a dog person
I am a Mac person
I am a diet coke person
I like blue, grey, oceany, beachy, summery colors
I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids
I love Modern Family, Psych, The Golden Girls, and 30 Rock
I am the housewife version of Liz Lemon (though I am taller and don't wear glasses...)
I get bored easily and have about 6 WIP's and at least 4 quilts I have fabric pulled for and want to cut and start
I got married when I was 19 and now we have 2 kids (our son came 2 weeks before I graduated college) and will hit our 5 year anniversary in May
I want to have at least 2 more kids but we're going to wait a while until the Mr. gets a little more school checked off
I am from Palo Alto, California and would love to move back...tomorrow if possible...(James Franco went to high school with my brother and Jeremy Lin was in the class after only link to famous people...haha)
I don't like peanut butter or applesauce, bring on the Nutella!
I would love to decorate my home in a shabby chic way with a touch of modern, lots of white so the color pops, and a gas stove is a must (but we're renting so...someday?)
I am very shy...that's why I like this blogging thing...In person is a little scary for me...
I don't like talking on the phone
I love cooking and baking and the Food Network
I wear flats, not heels.
I am a chocoholic...seriously...
I don't like Twilight. 
I like the Hunger Games.
I love to read and have too many books...about a third of them are children's books.
I am not a morning person
I am not photogenic, I'd rather take the pictures than be in them. 
I have never made anything with a zipper
I have never made a pillow cover....or anything more than quilts of various sizes...
I'm not into fabric with licensed characters...I LOVE Aneela Hoey, Sarah Jane, and October Afternoon
My favorite fabric collections so far are Fly a Kite, and California Girl, and I'm looking forward to my order of Flea Market Fancy!!

Hope this helps a little! I'm pretty sure my Flickr is linked on the side of my blog, as is my Pinterest if you need more visuals!   

Fingers crossed I will have things to show you tomorrow!  I'm making good progress on my husband's quilt and need to go find some flannel for the back. 

Happy weekending to you!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about yourself! We have a lot of the same likes and dislikes. I think we'd be friends in real life! (And I'm now following you on Pinterest.)

  2. Aww I want to meet you now!!

    Except for the diet coke thing. I'll pretend I didn't see that and believe you like real coke.