Thursday, March 8, 2012


...I totally missed WIP Wednesday again...mainly because I hate uploading just a couple pics at a time to the computer...

BUT, I still wanted to share what I've been up to this week.

 I have FINALLY gotten the blocks cut for my husband's quilt.  This week he offered, out of the blue, to move the furniture so I can sandwich it up, cute right! I think he's a little anxious for me to finish it.
 This is what I came up with for the March block of the Books and Blocks Bee Too, which was a challenge for me.  I don't usually dream of these colors, and the middle fabric just isn't my style, but I wanted to make our March leader happy.  I'm happy with what I came up with.  That's the joy of being in a Bee, you get to make things you normally wouldn't make! 
This was for We Bee Modern March where our leader this time gave us free reign to do whatever block we wanted to.  Scary!  Too many options is always a good problem, but still a problem for me either way.  I need some kind of direction.  I asked what colors she likes and she said green and grey.  I think it turned out well and I'm really glad to have both of these blocks checked off my to-do list!

Oh, I also finished the HST block of the month too but didn't get a photo taken yet. Check!

I'm also participating in the Covert Robin swap and have been stalking my recipient's blog.  I'll tell you a secret: I'm super intimidated by their skill level!  Holy moly.  We're talking this is one super talented lady!  I figured out what I want to make and am now just waiting on the supplies.  I just hope she'll like it!!  

My Made in Cherry quilt is sandwiched and ready to quilt so I'll have that and (fingers crossed) my husband's quilt top to show you tomorrow!  

Happy Thursday!

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