Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Allergies

You need to leave now.  Before I itch my eyes out and sneeze off my nose.  Please.  It's been a fun week but enough's enough.  I'm going through Visine and tissues like nobody's business.  Not cool.

This is just getting ridiculous. 

Oh, if you could tell the wind to take it down a notch that'd be awesome.  Thanks.


  1. Yuck! Hoping they go away soon here too! My husband and daughter have it rough. I'm just so warm in the middle of the night but can'topen a window because my husband would die. Until then he pops Clartin like candy. :(

  2. Oh no :( My husband suffers too, we bought some locally produced honey - he has some everyday and he's SO much better! Try honey, has to be local though!

  3. Allergies are the worst! Mother and I are going to have to buy a load of tablets to get through it! =D