Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Three from Tracey

I love this idea from Tracey and am totally copying her and linking up over here at her blog.  This is an awesome goal, and I think it'll be really successful for me. 
The idea is to set three reachable goals for April.  Tracey and I seem to have the same issue of wasting our kids synchronized naptimes and perusing online fabric shops, pinterest, facebook...those time traps.  Time that I could easily spend binding (my least favorite part...) unfinished quilts, sewing pieces together or just making progress on my way too many WIP's and up my rate of finishing things! Heck, today I had enough time to cut some fabric for a swap but...then I didn't.  So!

Here's my list of three things to get done in April:

1) Bind my Drunkard's Path quilt - This baby has been quilted and waiting patiently on top of the dryer for over a month...sad...and I'm so anxious to use it!  It's going to be a wonderful lap quilt.  Anyone have an opinion on these considerations for the binding?
 Ok, this is the best shot I could get.  My top pick is the second one, it's a light aqua polka dot.  The one under it isn't as red as it looks, more of a raspberry print.  What do you think?

2) Finish and mail my Hoop Up! Stitch and Send Swap projects - Don't have pictures of these yet, but they are in progress.  I've been working on them a little here, a little there and it's just too slow of a pace.  Plus, they need to be out by the middle of the month (end of next week?  what?) so they'll have to get done.

3) Bind Ben (Husband)'s quilt - I finished quilting this one over the weekend, but it's such a honker of a ginormous thing, that I'm nervous to trim the sides and just get it over with. Haven't picked binding fabric for that one either...

Anywho... these are pretty reachable goals for me if I can just bit the bullet and sit down to do them.  But I've got to start somewhere, right?  So, those are my three goals for the month, what are yours?!


  1. I did the Stitch it up swap one time too, and it took forever for me! Your Drunkard's path quilt is awesome! I honestly think the binding would look amazing scrappy.
    And I have a huge quilt I need to bind myself... but I didn't put it on the list!
    Good luck and thanks for linking up!

  2. I should do this, too. I waste so much time on the internet! I have finished quilt tops that have been sitting around for a year waiting to be quilted and bound. I'm going to try machine binding my quilts--even though I like the look of hand-stitched binding it just takes so much time. For your binding, the light aqua polka dot first caught my eye so that's what I would use. (They would all look nice, though!)

  3. I like the pink for the binding, beautiful quilt!

  4. I like the scrappy binding idea, too. I know I'm lazy, but I've done only one quilt that has the binding hand sewn on. And it was a baby quilt. I don't mind the look of using the machine and I certainly like the less time it takes, so that's what I do. This list is a good idea!