Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maybe the cutest thing I've ever made...

...besides these monkeys of course... ($20 pool and 80 degrees?  yes please!)

...would have to be this little turtle and snail block...
Of course the colors aren't 100% but I love how it looks like the turtle and the snail
are having a VERY important conversation.  I just know
they're bestest friends!

I am participating in a potholder swap this month and the end of this month is coming up soon...

So, last night I grabbed some supplies and started "messing around" with them.  That means I had no plan but just did something because I had to...deadline approaching...and this block is what I came up with!  This morning I finished it off and made another one as a mismatched "set" for my swap partner.

I added some hand stitching around the star of the turtle one and then in the middle of two of the borders in the second one instead of machine quilting it (I am without a walking foot you see...)
And the back...not as exciting...

I used binding I'd already made that was leftover from other projects and I like the colors together.  The turtle and the snail is a 7" square and the wildflowers one is about 7.5" square.

I just hope my partner likes them! I let my 3 year old put them in the mailbox today so hopefully they'll be arriving next week!

Thank goodness it's finally warm!!!


  1. That fabric is adorable! The kids are pretty cute too ;-)

  2. Cute potholders! How do I get in on these swaps? Everybody is always swapping such great handmade stuff and I feel like I'm missing out. (And your kids are adorable. I can't wait until it's warm enough to get the pool out!)

  3. More I seem to miss them all! The fabrics look great! Love the potholders =D

  4. Oh what fun!! We are buying a pool next week! I love how they are soooo exhausted afterward!! Yay naps!

    BTW I'm officially stalking you beyond flickr now! ;)