Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Saturday Thinking...

1) I just stumbled across this gem of a shop on Etsy called weelittlestitches.  I want to get this one and make it immediately

I love the Golden Girls.  

2) I need to stop joining swaps.  I made a list yesterday with Lady Face's "help" and I counted up to 18 projects, including swaps, that are technically "in progress".  I did knock two of those out of the park last night but still.  That's 16 left.  NOT COUNTING all the other patterns I have fabric picked for that I'm not allowed to start until I get some of these others done.

3) I would love to sell my quilts and learn to make other goodies and sell those too.  How do you do that?  I'd love to make quilts for other people and get paid for it. Any advice?  I think that would be a dream come true. 

4) I joined a gym this week and have gone twice already.  My friend in CA is getting married this summer and I'd really like to get a new (smaller sized) dress to wear to the reception :) wish me luck.

5) I also want to get this print from Matte Stephens.  Etsy shop here.  I love his art and want to fill my house with it! I also wish it felt like spring.  Yesterday it snowed here in Pocatello and it's still too cold for me to wear flip-flops = not spring...

Isn't this the most lovely picture.  Perfectly spring.

6) I'm going to give myself 3 goals for this weekend: 1st - finish up the monsterz quilt back. 2nd -  make progress/finish my Hoop Up! Stitch and Send projects.  3rd - sew up the rest of the charm sized granny squares I've got ready from Fly A Kite by Riley Blake (then I can see if it's ready to become a quilt top and get it off my sewing table!).

7) I'm off to take a nap.  Happy Easter weekend!



  1. Comment 2-Yes stop joining swaps until you've sorted them all, then and only then can you join some more

    Comment 3- I've been told not to take commissions. Just make quilts to suit various people e.g babies, women, men, boys, girls..
    Also try making pillows, pouches, minis, mug rugs....check out other etsy shops and see what they are selling...only do commissions if you have the absolute time and agree on a price and deadline

    Comment 4-good luck!!!

    Comment 5-The picture is awesome!

    Comment 6-Good luck. Can't wait to see the progress posts =D

  2. Oh wow, we are most definitely following each other around the internet! About a month ago, I discovered that same etsy shop and bought the Pretty in Pink chart. Then I went out and got some pink and white striped cross stitch fabric for it.
    No idea how you go about selling quilts. You should stalk Rita from Red Pepper Quilts (blog and etsy) she sells tons of gorgeous ones.

  3. I'm with you on needing to take a break from the swaps. At least it has motivated me to finish some of my WIPs because I feel too guilty starting new projects!

    I've thought about selling stuff on Etsy again. I used to sell cards but with cards the prices were so low that it wasn't worth the time or effort. I've thought about selling quilts and other baby/kid stuff (burp cloths, bibs, soft toys) but it's so much work to stock/maintain a shop and I don't want it to feel like another job. I think you should go for it, though--your stuff is great!

  4. Interesting post - always glad to find another list-maker! I found your blog from Little D and me, and I am delighted. Whenever I have taken a commission, I have slid right into frozen mode. Not good! There is something to be said for making what you LOVE to make. I think that the love shows through in the work, myself!