Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My little monkey is going to be ok!! He got 3 pins in his elbow and is going to have a cast for a while but he did great!!

Even the Dr's and nurses were impressed with how well he did at the hospital. He has to stay overnight for observation and can come home in the morning!

What a day...Thank you all for your support and kind words. It meant a lot and still does. Thank you!!

I love being a mom.

what the heck wednesday...?

I was getting ready to write y'all a post this morning and WHAM.  An unexpected emergency. 

My husband took the kids to the park this morning and Matthew fell off one of the swings and hurt his arm.  There's no blood and no bones sticking out (that is what I told the nurse on the phone a moment ago) but it looks swollen and dislocated.

So, Ben dropped Abby off with me and rushed off to the Dr.'s to see what's the matter.

I'm being updated by text message as I type and now they're going to get an x-ray as it could be a break and need pins (I want to throw up).

This is the first serious injury we've had in our parenting career of 3 ish years and I feel totally sick.  I talked to our little guy on the phone and he was hurting so bad and being so brave...I wanted to cry and hold him and make my arm broken instead. 

If this is how I feel about a broken arm (or whatever it turns out to be), how am I going to handle all the other stuff that comes along with raising children that will also rip my heart out?! 

Now, I know he will be OK.  It will be fixed and he will eventually not be hurting anymore.  It will pass. 

But, I was not prepared for such intense emotions to come from this, mom-wise, you know?   

...deep breath...

How do you other mom's handle this?!  I feel like a total rookie again...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I do not speak computer...

...or internet.  I let my husband figure that out.

We had some kind of internet issue this weekend and it was terrible.  I hate it when invisible stuff (like the internet) breaks. 

And after an entire (long) weekend of trying to talk to the internet, some ridiculous people who wanted to charge us $140 before we could even talk with them about how lame their router is, two trips to Idaho Falls, and two different mac airports later.....we have wireless internet again.

I don't really even know what some of those words mean...It's just not what I do...

I am not one of those super knowledgeable 24-year old hip kids that knows technology...I just know when it works and when it doesn't.  Holy smokes. 

Ben did a dance when he finally got it to work :)

Anyway. I am here and will be catching up soon! I hope all my new friends hang in there with me, I promise things are going to get pretty interesting. 

June is shaping up to be a lot of fun.  And if I can find my brain, I'll be sharing with you!! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We finally have sunshine again and I'm going to enjoy some leftover watermelon for dinner!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF again?

I honestly can't believe how fast this week has gone by.  It's been odd as we haven't been extremely just went...too fast.

I didn't get much handwork done this week but I do want to show off someone else's, and show you what I DID get done this week (I'll do better next week, promise!!).

I got my key fobs made for my partner in the RATZ swap (Rapid And Tiny Zakka) and I was surprised that these also weren't as scary as I thought.  I hope my partner likes them!
Then wait 'till you see the key fobs I got in this swap!  These are from Marika (check out her blog here) and they showed up yesterday.  They're pretty amazing.  She really did wonderfully and I had a hard time keeping my kids away from this elephant!! Yes, it has a button eye on BOTH sides and can you see the handstitched flower on it too?!!  Kill me.  It's too great isn't it!

I finished up my project for the Modern She Made swap and got it mailed yesterday!  Here's a couple peeks.  I did do some hand stitching on this that I think turned out pretty well.  This was my first time using embroidery floss to hand quilt something so it was also a chance to learn some things-thanks for all your helpful needle advice too!!
 I love this ribbon.  I got it in another swap and have been keeping my eyes open to try to find more like it and haven't yet.  If anyone knows where I could find more of this let me know!! So cute. It might just be my favorite part!
And there's the whole thing!  It's a mini-quilt and a set of 10 napkins... I included some extras that I hope my partner will like and be able to use in future projects :)

And finally I was able to do a little bit of hand sewing for myself (sorry, didn't get a picture).  My husband and I have been getting the TV show "Twin Peaks" on Netflix and so we stayed up way too late watching it last night.  The show was too crazy to look away from so I only got a few hexagons made, but every little bit helps right?!

Has anyone else watched that show before?  If you like Psych, you'll probably find it funny and ridiculous and maybe a tiny bit awesome.  Maybe.  It also creeps me out a bit so we had to catch up on Modern Family after it was over so I wouldn't have nightmares...don't tell anyone...I am easily creeped out...

Be sure to head over to Katie at There and Back to see what everyone is working on in the Handmade Parade!!!

There and Back

Monday, May 21, 2012

We have a winner!!

And if it's not you, I'm sorry.....blame my kids.  They wanted to help out so we pulled the two winners out of a hat!  They loved it.

There were 34 comments/entries into my first giveaway (amazing!!)!!

The lucky winners of the Quilt Blocks charm packs are #22 and #29!

It was ridiculously hard to get pictures of them holding their numbers...goodness were they excited!

#22 - rachael  May 18, 2012 6:46 AM
my favorite thing at this *very* moment is that i'm actually catching up on some blog reading ;)

Favourites...there's a cat curled up on my lap right now...she's a favourite for sure :)
I have been keepin an eye out for this line, some really cool prints in there!

Congratulations!!!  I'm sending you both an email so as soon as I get your address I'll send you your charm pack!!  

I really want to thank all of you who entered!  It was so fun to read all your comments and hear what your favorite things are!  I love this online community and am so glad to be a tiny part of it!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

I can do one stitch pretty well...

...but that's about it.

When my new blogging friend Katie of There and Back told me about her new Friday linky party The Handmade Parade (awesome idea) I was excited to be able to see all the great projects she would come up with, and all the great projects all you other talented people are working on.  Seriously there is a whole lot of skill I've seen with a needle and thread that I just drool over!!

There and Back
I think this will be fun for me in the goal category.  See, I know how to hand-quilt, I recently learned how to do Hexagons, and I own a book about embroidery...that's about it!  I haven't learned any fancy stitches but that's what I like about this online community.  I can get ideas and resources from all of you!!

I thought I'd share what I do have that I've stitched myself, because recently (this week) I have been doing a little handwork!

I made this pouch for a friend's birthday on Monday and hand appliqued the hexagons to the front.
This wasn't too challenging for me, though I did once forget to take out the paper from the hexagons until it was a tad late, so it was a good learning process for next time.  I love the texture and dimensions they added to the pouch and will probably be making another one of these soon for myself :)

I'm also participating in the Modern She Made swap over on flickr and have been working on something for my partner.  I don't want to show too much of it to keep a little bit of a surprise for them but I've added some hand stitching to it and I really like the way it looks.

I used DMC floss for this and I tell you what....I HATE threading needles with this stuff.  If there was someone who would thread needles for me I'd hand stitch a couch.  Really.  Anyone have tips on threading needles?

That's what I've got to show off this week :) Be sure to head over to Katie's and see what everyone's got going!  It's pretty will be VERY inspired!

(if you're looking for my 50th post giveaway you can find that here - open until Sunday night)

P.S. I am absolutely loving hearing all your favorite things!  You are all so sweet, I really appreciate your comments and kindness.  Brings a smile to my face every time!  Thank you!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

HAPPY 50TH... post...not birthday, haha!  Though today is actually my HALF birthday (I will be 25 later this year)!

Let's get down to business!  To celebrate all you awesome folks who read my nonsense and inspire me with your creativity and beautiful projects, I have two charm packs of the new line Quilt Blocks to give to two lucky people (one each).

I REALLY love the fabrics in here and have already seen some awesome projects popping up using these prints.  The colors are fabulous and the patterns are so great. 
Alls you need to do is leave me ONE COMMENT below.  Tell me something that's your favorite right now!

I'll run this through Sunday night and then pick a winner on Monday.  Sound good?




Updated : The giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered to make my first giveaway a success!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Who has two thumbs and just sewed something with a zipper?!

This guy (girl...lady...)! AND it's a gift.  For a birthday lunch for a friend tomorrow.  And I started it about 2 hours ago making the hexagons.  Nothing like last minute, right?

Yep!  I sewed something with a zipper.  My first one ever!! And it's not half bad if I do say so myself.  It also has my first applied hexagons on it. 

She told me her favorite colors are red and blue so I went with that.  

It's a bag.  About 6ish inches by 6ish inches.  I used DS Quilts fabrics from JoAnn's for the outer and inner parts of the bag, and used some scrap 2.5" squares for the hexagons.
 I really like this fabric.  

It's not at all the prettiest thing I've ever made but I sure am proud of it!  It works too and there are no holes!!  Yay!!

Milestone checked right here.

I am no longer afraid of zippers!

Oh yeah....this means my NEXT POST will be for the GIVEAWAY!!

I bet you can't hardly wait, right?!  Yep, me either.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giveaway sneak peek...

Told you I'd be back ;) ...

I've got some new projects lined up...literally...

...and you may recognize this beautiful stuff...

I have two of them to give to two of you (one each), to say thanks for reading about my projects and my life.  I enjoy so much hearing your encouragement and advice, your compliments and suggestions!  It's really made this blogging thing fun! 

I will open the giveaway on my 50th post (I believe that this is #48!) and it will run for a few days. 

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Stand by...

I'm running a bit behind on some things this weekend... here's why...

Ben and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday! 

Since the 5th anniversary is traditionally a gift made of wood, Ben got creative and turned an old desk we were going to throw away into a flower bed!  Now we just need to get some flowers :)

Friday evening, we went to Ihop for dinner (we like breakfast food here) and saw The Avengers (which was awesome!), and left the kids with a friend.  It was really fun to get some time just the two of us and the kids handled their first non-family babysitter really well!!  

However today has been a bit different.  At almost 7am Matthew woke up barfing.  I really don't like barfing...or watching people barf...or anything having to do with stomach contents...Poor little man.

So, I'll be staying home with him today while Ben and Abby go to church.  But, on the bright side that means I get to stay in my pajamas all day, and that's pretty great. 

We're watching Shawn the Sheep (love that show - no talking, and it's adorable) and trying to get his stomach settled.  We might play with Legos too.

They did give me a lovely handmade card this morning and made me breakfast.  So sweet!  I feel so lucky to have this little family and such a wonderful husband!  

Anyway, I'll have some sewing to share later, along with a sneak peek of what I have to giveaway for my upcoming 50th post! 

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday - last minute edition!

I went to sleep at 7:45 Monday night. 

I always have too many windows open in my browser and the hubs doesn't like that because it "pulls" at the internet.... (um, what?)....however, they each represent something important I need to make for a swap, or a bee, or I just need to have it open so I don't forget where it is!!  Does anyone else do this?

I also have too many tops sitting on the dryer and I need to do some basting. 

I use my iPhone for pictures so that's mostly why they usually suck.

This was my to-do pile for today.  In here are 2 bee blocks, 2 fabrics to turn into binding for my Made in Cherry quilt, and the rest of the fabrics for the Patchwork Prism QAL ready to cut.  I've already cut the purples and oranges (I got most of this pile taken care of...keep reading).

Here is the May block for Megan of City Stitches in We Bee Modern.  This was a fun one, as I haven't ever sewn with dark solids before.  Here I used Kona Charcoal and I really like it.  It's brighter in person.
I still have a few more bee blocks to make but it was great to get this one checked off.  It looked a lot more complex in the book and I was a little nervous to get started.

I also finished a long waiting WIP!  My Made in Cherry quilt is done!  I experimented with my new FMQ foot on this one and it was really fun.  I doodled all around the solid purple spots and went in wavy lines over the seams in the patchwork star.

I "finished" cutting out fabric for the Patchwork Prism QAL (I have quotes because I realized I miscut and am short a few green triangles...blah...) and laid the fabrics out.  It's a bit of a hot mess...I am pretty sure the second time I make this quilt will be much better.
 I think this will become a picnic quilt.  I've got some really nice blue fabric that I think is decorator weight.  It's heavier and I hope I'll love it more when it's done...

In other totally random news, we've discovered that my son is absolutely terrified of balloons being popped.  He freaks out big time (this was discovered at the birthday party last weekend).  Shaking, crying,'s terrible and I have no clue how to help him get over it, except by steering clear of balloons, or anything that could be popped.  Packing materials included.

I am still going to the gym and am dead tired but my biceps have grown so that's good (I've never had biceps before!).  I still look baffoon-ish in the classes I take, but it's growing on me :)

Happy (almost) Thursday!!

I'm last minute linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Doll Quilt finish

I just wanted to show you all some pictures of a gift I made for a friend's daughter's birthday this past weekend.  Her little girl turned 5 and my children are quite fond of her!  

Whenever she comes to play she lines up all of our stuffed animals and toys in the kid's beds and tucks them in.  So when we heard it was her birthday I thought a doll quilt would be perfect for her!  We also got her a purple sock monkey to go with the quilt. 

 I thought of this idea on Friday afternoon and the party was Saturday afternoon....of course!!

First, I pulled some 5" charm squares from my never-ending stash of those lovelies, and my kids and I messed around with them until we came up with this!  

As you can see, they're quite proud of it!

We ended up with 56 charms, 8 rows of 7 squares...I like the size of it.  It could even pass for a small baby quilt.  I sewed three rows Friday night and did the rest Saturday morning.  The top measured about 33 x 37. 

(isn't my little helper the best?!)

I used a great bright Amy Butler print for the back.  I didn't want to piece it and fortunately had enough of this print to use!

I also got to use my new FMQ foot for my machine on this and it was really fun!

I LOVE the hula hooping girl, she's so adorable!

I really like how it turned out (so did the birthday girl and her mom!) 
and I want to make some more of them!  

Is this something you think anyone would be interested in?
(not this very one of course, but something like it)

 I don't need to make 10 doll quilts all for myself :)

Oh, will be getting some goodies in the mail for my upcoming 50th post giveaway this week.
 I'm pretty excited about it and I think you'll like it too! 

Hint: If you like some of the new collections that just came out you're really going to want to stop by for this!

Thanks for sticking around!  
I've got great things to show you this week! My WIP list is getting hacked to pieces!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  My husband is finally done with school for the semester so tomorrow is officially the beginning of our summer break (aka summer job hunting...)!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Wow what a week.  Just to catch up a bit (Hi to the grandparents - these pictures are for you!)

We're back to a better schedule here, with the little lady taking her naps again.  Husband is taking finals this week and then it's summer jobs for him.  We had a pretty fun weekend though - we went bowling and pitched a new tent in the living room!  We had smores (minus the fire part) and slept in the tent!  The kids thought it was awesome.  And who would have known that they'd both be great at bowling?! I did win the game though :)

I still need to post pictures from Matthew's birthday but we'll save that for later this week.

I got some great mail this week! Along with the wonderful Parisian Star blocks I've been getting from hosting two bee's with the same block in April, plus the lovely house blocks from the ladies of the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches, I also got my lovely goodies from the ALFALC swap (A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate) all the way from accross the pond!
Oh man that Galaxy bar didn't last long!  Thank you Linda!  This was a fun swap and I'd be doing it again if I didn't have too much already on the list for May.

Ok.  Here's what I got done this week (that I have pictures of).

1 - Made In Cherry Quilt is Quilted!
I received a wonderful new free motion quilting foot from my sister in law, Anna, and put it to good use practicing on my Made in Cherry quilt!  Now I just have to bind it.  I have to say, FMQ-ing is really fun!  It's not as scary as I thought it'd be at all.

I doodled around the solid purple background with loops and stuff.  I like it and am excited to get it finished

2. Zooey goes to the beach! Top finished!
This is a quilt from the Zooey pattern by Lu of For The Love Designs.  I LOVED making this.  It was super easy to put together and I love the way it looks.  The colors didn't quite translate though...the orange parts are actually greens in real life.  I'm calling the quilt Zooey Goes to the Beach because all the colors are sort of sea-foamy greens and remind me of the beach.  I highly recommend this pattern if you're looking for something like this.  You can find all of Lu's pattern's here.

3) I picked and started cutting fabric for the Patchwork Prism QAL (details can be found here)

So...that's what I did!

I also made a list of all the things I have on my WIP list for now.  It's a list of almost 40 things and over half of them have deadlines for this month!  Several swaps for handmade items and bee blocks...lots of bee you'll be seeing lots of those from me this month...but they all look fun to make so it will just be another busy month!

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Head over and see what everyone's doing!!  And thanks for getting this far too :)