Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Doll Quilt finish

I just wanted to show you all some pictures of a gift I made for a friend's daughter's birthday this past weekend.  Her little girl turned 5 and my children are quite fond of her!  

Whenever she comes to play she lines up all of our stuffed animals and toys in the kid's beds and tucks them in.  So when we heard it was her birthday I thought a doll quilt would be perfect for her!  We also got her a purple sock monkey to go with the quilt. 

 I thought of this idea on Friday afternoon and the party was Saturday afternoon....of course!!

First, I pulled some 5" charm squares from my never-ending stash of those lovelies, and my kids and I messed around with them until we came up with this!  

As you can see, they're quite proud of it!

We ended up with 56 charms, 8 rows of 7 squares...I like the size of it.  It could even pass for a small baby quilt.  I sewed three rows Friday night and did the rest Saturday morning.  The top measured about 33 x 37. 

(isn't my little helper the best?!)

I used a great bright Amy Butler print for the back.  I didn't want to piece it and fortunately had enough of this print to use!

I also got to use my new FMQ foot for my machine on this and it was really fun!

I LOVE the hula hooping girl, she's so adorable!

I really like how it turned out (so did the birthday girl and her mom!) 
and I want to make some more of them!  

Is this something you think anyone would be interested in?
(not this very one of course, but something like it)

 I don't need to make 10 doll quilts all for myself :)

Oh, will be getting some goodies in the mail for my upcoming 50th post giveaway this week.
 I'm pretty excited about it and I think you'll like it too! 

Hint: If you like some of the new collections that just came out you're really going to want to stop by for this!

Thanks for sticking around!  
I've got great things to show you this week! My WIP list is getting hacked to pieces!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  My husband is finally done with school for the semester so tomorrow is officially the beginning of our summer break (aka summer job hunting...)!!


  1. What a sweet gift! You should definitely make a couple and see what happens, no harm in trying!

  2. Of course they would be! People are selling quilts all the time, have a look on Etsy, many bloggers have shops on there.
    Oooo goodies in the mail...just re-post them straight to me-Kidding! =D

  3. How sweet is that doll quilt?! And your little ones are so cute and you can tell they were so proud! You're such a sweet friend...xoxo