Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giveaway sneak peek...

Told you I'd be back ;) ...

I've got some new projects lined up...literally...

...and you may recognize this beautiful stuff...

I have two of them to give to two of you (one each), to say thanks for reading about my projects and my life.  I enjoy so much hearing your encouragement and advice, your compliments and suggestions!  It's really made this blogging thing fun! 

I will open the giveaway on my 50th post (I believe that this is #48!) and it will run for a few days. 

Happy Mothers Day!!!


  1. Love the pictures! The black and white really sets off the fabric! Hope to see what you're planning on making soon =D

  2. Oooh what Modern 99 are you making? I love that book. (which reminds me; I need to do my bee blocks.)

  3. I hope that you had a nice Mother's Day and I can't wait until your 50th post! Eekkkkk!

  4. Thanks for the sneak - I'll be watching for your big five-oh.