Friday, May 18, 2012

I can do one stitch pretty well...

...but that's about it.

When my new blogging friend Katie of There and Back told me about her new Friday linky party The Handmade Parade (awesome idea) I was excited to be able to see all the great projects she would come up with, and all the great projects all you other talented people are working on.  Seriously there is a whole lot of skill I've seen with a needle and thread that I just drool over!!

There and Back
I think this will be fun for me in the goal category.  See, I know how to hand-quilt, I recently learned how to do Hexagons, and I own a book about embroidery...that's about it!  I haven't learned any fancy stitches but that's what I like about this online community.  I can get ideas and resources from all of you!!

I thought I'd share what I do have that I've stitched myself, because recently (this week) I have been doing a little handwork!

I made this pouch for a friend's birthday on Monday and hand appliqued the hexagons to the front.
This wasn't too challenging for me, though I did once forget to take out the paper from the hexagons until it was a tad late, so it was a good learning process for next time.  I love the texture and dimensions they added to the pouch and will probably be making another one of these soon for myself :)

I'm also participating in the Modern She Made swap over on flickr and have been working on something for my partner.  I don't want to show too much of it to keep a little bit of a surprise for them but I've added some hand stitching to it and I really like the way it looks.

I used DMC floss for this and I tell you what....I HATE threading needles with this stuff.  If there was someone who would thread needles for me I'd hand stitch a couch.  Really.  Anyone have tips on threading needles?

That's what I've got to show off this week :) Be sure to head over to Katie's and see what everyone's got going!  It's pretty will be VERY inspired!

(if you're looking for my 50th post giveaway you can find that here - open until Sunday night)

P.S. I am absolutely loving hearing all your favorite things!  You are all so sweet, I really appreciate your comments and kindness.  Brings a smile to my face every time!  Thank you!


  1. Cute pouch.
    I've done cross stitch for years so have a bit of experience with threading needles with dmc. The best advice I can give you is to be picky about the needles you use. I only use piecemakers because they take a lot more to tarnish than other needles - important for me as with a solid day of stitching I can go through a couple of other brand needles but I usually only have to get a new piecemaker needle if I lose the one I'm using. Also, they have bigger holes for threading versus same size needles of other brands.
    Otherwise, just use a needle threader. No one will judge you for it

  2. Needles. Ugh. Look for "big eye" needles, they are your friend ;-) I can't wait to see what your MSM project is, it looks really cute!!
    Thanks for linking up Marian, and helping make the first Handmade Parade a success!!

  3. *cough and making one of those pouches for your good friend Cherie too cough*

    They have special needles for embroidery work/hand quilting. They are thicker longer needles with a large eye. They are about 2" long you can get longer ones too. It's easier to use them when going through layers =D

  4. I LOVE the colours and patterns on that pouch. Gorgeous!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on horse riding and lessons for my daughter. You've reinforced my feelings about horse riding being good for her confidence. Thank you.

  5. There are illuminated magnifying lamps that help a is a big round magnifying glass with a circular lamp bulb underneath that lights things up...I sit down and thread a bunch and stick the needle through beading cloth and figure 8 the thread around the needle...then when I have some time, or if there is a TV program I want to hear, but don't care about seeing - I will do framed hexagon patches.
    Hope this getting old...CQMadhatter

  6. The colors on that pouch are fabulous. I just saw some quick thread needles in the fabric store. They had some sort of crazy slot that allows you to just loop the thread over and pull it into the eye. Unfortunately for me, all the needles in the pack looked huge.