Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF again?

I honestly can't believe how fast this week has gone by.  It's been odd as we haven't been extremely just went...too fast.

I didn't get much handwork done this week but I do want to show off someone else's, and show you what I DID get done this week (I'll do better next week, promise!!).

I got my key fobs made for my partner in the RATZ swap (Rapid And Tiny Zakka) and I was surprised that these also weren't as scary as I thought.  I hope my partner likes them!
Then wait 'till you see the key fobs I got in this swap!  These are from Marika (check out her blog here) and they showed up yesterday.  They're pretty amazing.  She really did wonderfully and I had a hard time keeping my kids away from this elephant!! Yes, it has a button eye on BOTH sides and can you see the handstitched flower on it too?!!  Kill me.  It's too great isn't it!

I finished up my project for the Modern She Made swap and got it mailed yesterday!  Here's a couple peeks.  I did do some hand stitching on this that I think turned out pretty well.  This was my first time using embroidery floss to hand quilt something so it was also a chance to learn some things-thanks for all your helpful needle advice too!!
 I love this ribbon.  I got it in another swap and have been keeping my eyes open to try to find more like it and haven't yet.  If anyone knows where I could find more of this let me know!! So cute. It might just be my favorite part!
And there's the whole thing!  It's a mini-quilt and a set of 10 napkins... I included some extras that I hope my partner will like and be able to use in future projects :)

And finally I was able to do a little bit of hand sewing for myself (sorry, didn't get a picture).  My husband and I have been getting the TV show "Twin Peaks" on Netflix and so we stayed up way too late watching it last night.  The show was too crazy to look away from so I only got a few hexagons made, but every little bit helps right?!

Has anyone else watched that show before?  If you like Psych, you'll probably find it funny and ridiculous and maybe a tiny bit awesome.  Maybe.  It also creeps me out a bit so we had to catch up on Modern Family after it was over so I wouldn't have nightmares...don't tell anyone...I am easily creeped out...

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There and Back


  1. Those key fobs are great! I was really tempted to join that swap but, well you know, I'm off swaps for a bit ;-)
    Twin Peaks is an awesome show! I loved it so much when it was first out. I had no idea it wsa on Netflix though. Once I'm done watching Breaking Bad (I'm almost done) I'm going to watch all of Twin Peaks! Yay!
    Thank you for linking up to The Handmade Parade :-)

  2. Awesome key fobs and what great goodies for you MSM partner. Marika made an awesome key fob for you =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D