Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what the heck wednesday...?

I was getting ready to write y'all a post this morning and WHAM.  An unexpected emergency. 

My husband took the kids to the park this morning and Matthew fell off one of the swings and hurt his arm.  There's no blood and no bones sticking out (that is what I told the nurse on the phone a moment ago) but it looks swollen and dislocated.

So, Ben dropped Abby off with me and rushed off to the Dr.'s to see what's the matter.

I'm being updated by text message as I type and now they're going to get an x-ray as it could be a break and need pins (I want to throw up).

This is the first serious injury we've had in our parenting career of 3 ish years and I feel totally sick.  I talked to our little guy on the phone and he was hurting so bad and being so brave...I wanted to cry and hold him and make my arm broken instead. 

If this is how I feel about a broken arm (or whatever it turns out to be), how am I going to handle all the other stuff that comes along with raising children that will also rip my heart out?! 

Now, I know he will be OK.  It will be fixed and he will eventually not be hurting anymore.  It will pass. 

But, I was not prepared for such intense emotions to come from this, mom-wise, you know?   

...deep breath...

How do you other mom's handle this?!  I feel like a total rookie again...


  1. And every time you will feel like a rookie!!! That's because your a mom! I like to think that in these moments it is like a wakeup call reminding you just how much they mean to you.

  2. Such a scary thing....something happening to your child, whether it's unexpected like a fall, or surgery that's planned. You just want to protect them and not let any bad stuff happen to them, don't you. But you can't. They have to be allowed to experience life, and yes the bad stuff is going to happen.
    My oldest has autism, and I just want to protect him from everything. But I have to make myself step back and let him go. To be honest, I feel like a rookie to some extent every day!

    I hope your little Matthew is ok, and you are too!


  3. My son is 5 and he's not yet had a broken bone or an injury requiring stitches. I know it's inevitable but I worry about it since I don't handle blood all that well. I guess as a parent you just deal with it the best you can when it does happen. I hope Matthew is okay!