Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday - last minute edition!

I went to sleep at 7:45 Monday night. 

I always have too many windows open in my browser and the hubs doesn't like that because it "pulls" at the internet.... (um, what?)....however, they each represent something important I need to make for a swap, or a bee, or I just need to have it open so I don't forget where it is!!  Does anyone else do this?

I also have too many tops sitting on the dryer and I need to do some basting. 

I use my iPhone for pictures so that's mostly why they usually suck.

This was my to-do pile for today.  In here are 2 bee blocks, 2 fabrics to turn into binding for my Made in Cherry quilt, and the rest of the fabrics for the Patchwork Prism QAL ready to cut.  I've already cut the purples and oranges (I got most of this pile taken care of...keep reading).

Here is the May block for Megan of City Stitches in We Bee Modern.  This was a fun one, as I haven't ever sewn with dark solids before.  Here I used Kona Charcoal and I really like it.  It's brighter in person.
I still have a few more bee blocks to make but it was great to get this one checked off.  It looked a lot more complex in the book and I was a little nervous to get started.

I also finished a long waiting WIP!  My Made in Cherry quilt is done!  I experimented with my new FMQ foot on this one and it was really fun.  I doodled all around the solid purple spots and went in wavy lines over the seams in the patchwork star.

I "finished" cutting out fabric for the Patchwork Prism QAL (I have quotes because I realized I miscut and am short a few green triangles...blah...) and laid the fabrics out.  It's a bit of a hot mess...I am pretty sure the second time I make this quilt will be much better.
 I think this will become a picnic quilt.  I've got some really nice blue fabric that I think is decorator weight.  It's heavier and I hope I'll love it more when it's done...

In other totally random news, we've discovered that my son is absolutely terrified of balloons being popped.  He freaks out big time (this was discovered at the birthday party last weekend).  Shaking, crying,'s terrible and I have no clue how to help him get over it, except by steering clear of balloons, or anything that could be popped.  Packing materials included.

I am still going to the gym and am dead tired but my biceps have grown so that's good (I've never had biceps before!).  I still look baffoon-ish in the classes I take, but it's growing on me :)

Happy (almost) Thursday!!

I'm last minute linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced!!


  1. Your bee block with charcoal is really pretty. Congrats on the Made in Cherry finish.

  2. Great blocks and awesome fabric choices for each. My younger brother is also afraid of balloons! He hates loud noises in general, but the fact that they float makes them worse, he doesn't like it! =D

  3. Yes I have 6 windows saved and open at the moment, although it's usually more!! ;)
    Love your block and the Made in Cherry is gorgeous! I think the prism is cool.
    My son used to COMPLETELY lose it about hand dryers in toilets (a loud one in an echoey toilet gave him a fright and that kicked it off). I mean he was shaking, crying and wouldn't even want to go in there. I got him used to touching them when they weren't on and found a hilarious youtube video of people playing tunes on them to get him to think it was fun. My dad actually suggested I try and get hold of one to show him how it works so he wouldn't be afraid!! I would warn him when I was putting it on but he'd yell and try to run away. Each time we went in a toilet I would tell him when it was coming on and slowly get him to feel the air etc. bit by bit he got better. They have them at his school too so I think that helped. There's no drama anymore, although they still sometimes make him jump. I think it's the shock that's scares them. Maybe you could play with some, blow them up and let the air out to make a funny sound, fill them with water etc. try to make it fun?! x

  4. Love your Made in Cherry finish! I hope that I can make that one sometime soon. :) But I love the prism...girl, it's coming along nicely and will be a great picnic blanket! xoxo...

  5. Ahahaha about the windows open in your browser. It drives my boyfriend nuts. I don't really understand...that's why they made tabs, right?