Friday, June 15, 2012

Anyone up for some peer pressure?

Just wanted to stop in to see how you all are!!  It's been a crazy busy week, mostly good, with exciting tidbits all over the place.

I want to tell you about some awesome things going on that you should check out.  Immediately if possible. 

First: have you heard of the exciting and upcoming Shorts on the Line?  You can find more details and a full schedule here.

shorts on the line button
Go check it out and pay particular attention to the end of July on the schedule...see that?  YES, it's ME!!  I'm really excited to be participating!  Start thinking shorts, especially if you're new to sewing clothes because that's the category I fall into!!  I'm planning on diving in with both feet.  Be sure to come back and see how it tuns out!

Second:  I don't have any handwork to show today, the hexagons and other fabrics I worked on earlier this week are for a secret project.  I'm worried I'll give it away by posting more pictures! However, be sure to check on Katie's Handmade Parade today, lots of great projects as usual! If you've been curious about the Handstitched class several talented bloggers are taking there are a few posts about what they've been up to.

Third: I have been busy making more swoon blocks.  I'm up to four.  Pictures to come.

Fourth: have you heard about the Soda Pop QAL that Allegory is hosting?  Go here if you haven't.  It's such a pretty quilt from Katy, per usual.  I just figured out what fabrics I'm going to use!  I got a most unexpected and delightful gift from Bianca this week! 
 She sent me a FQ bundle of Valori Wells line Cocoon (I know, right?! Awesome!)!!! 

FIFTH! Katy, of the previous paragraph and Fat Quarterly loveliness, is hosting a QAL too!  Have you seen her Hexy MF quilt?  It's to die for.  I love it.  I want to steal it from her because it's perfect.  Now I get to make my own! I'm going to call mine "I'm hexy and I know it" instead, because I can't get that song out of my head, and I kindof like it :)

Details are being posted on Fat Quarterly's website here, so be sure to go see if this is a project you'd like to do.  This will be an heirloom quilt if I have my way.  Future grandchildren will   I have already ordered my paper pieces and am planning to use most of the same fabric as Katy for the flowers, but I'm going to use a text fabric for the centers.  I'm pretty excited about that.

Finally, does anyone know if you're allowed to bring a needle onto an airplane?  I'd love to take some of these hexagons and fabrics to get started when we fly to CA next Saturday but I hate how you practically have to undress to get through these days and would really hate to be held up by a needle if I'm not allowed to have one....If you have any experience with this I'd love to hear it! 

And if you read that whole thing you deserve a medal...!!


  1. Wow ! I see a lot of exciting things coming up for you :)

    And I really need a friend like Bianca who will send me fabric like that :p lol
    Lucky you !

  2. Ohhhh I forgot that Bianca had to re-draw for that Cocoon bundle and you were the lucky winner! Thank you for giving The Handmade Parade a shout-out, it's so great for me to see people adding their links each week!

    You are most definitely allowed to bring sewing gear on planes! I always do! You're even allowed small scissors, up to 4" in length.

  3. Hahaha! You are awesome! I bet your shorts are going to spectacular!!! Can't wait to see them! Thanks for getting the word out! You are lovely!

  4. You are one busy girl! I envy you just a little - I would love to be that busy with fabrics and sewing. Maybe in the coming year... :) That hexie quilt you linked up to has been a favourite of mine since I saw it! I think I pinned it as something to try one day. Maybe I have to get my butt in gear and join the QAL.

  5. I am so glad that you received your "sursy" and that you already have a project lined up! I wish that I could join in on Allegory's soda pop...and I so want to do the Hexie quilt...but well...I just don't know if it is doable right now. Will be following your progress. :) Love your swoons too...xoxo

  6. Wow that's a lot of things to be looking forward to and getting up to! love the stack of fabrics!

    I think you can, but they have to be in your suitcase not hand luggage. Though if the airline have a website you can always check on there =D

  7. whooo! read it all ;) and yes, you can take a needle and small scissors. there's a whole page on the tsa website about craft supplies allowed, if i remember correctly.