Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exciting news...and lots of pictures...

...I just opened up my very first Etsy shop! 

LadyFaceQuilts is my shop and you can visit it here!!

I have 3 baby quilts listed and 8 unique I-Spy charm packs of 56 5" charms. 

I've been working on these baby quilts in my "spare time" and have really enjoyed making them.  I hope they find good homes and get snuggled up!

In other news I must thank you all for helping me through Matthew's broken elbow.  I so appreciated each of your comments and thoughts, it is so great to have you all as a sounding board and support team.  I am so glad to be a small part of this online community and to have all of you as my internet friends :)

Matthew is getting used to his cast, and we slept a lot better last night than previous nights.  He is moving around and seems to know his way around it, how he can move it and how he can't.  We even went outside to do some bubble blowing today and he was very careful and enjoyed the exercise. 

I'm transition-less here but I wanted to share some pictures with you from the past week or so.
 For memorial day we had to go look for a new router thing for our internet problem and detoured at Old Navy.  Matthew got a hat and styled it himself like this.  Adorable.
 Abby got sunglasses and I found pants at a smaller size (yahoo!).

 I got some fabric back from the I-spy, dot and stripe charm swap and Abby helped me arrange them. Meaning she insisted on laying them out after I sorted them.  I like that she enjoys it anyway!!
 These yo-yo's were much easier to do than I thought, and are for the Traveling Circles Bee.  It was their April block but I was able to snag a spot in the Bee early in May and got to do this one also!
This is what I'm mailing out today to my secret partner in the


  1. Congratulations on the shop! Such adorable quilts. Great pictures there your kids are cute!
    'Help' is always good =P

  2. Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful and the shop looks great. Best of luck with your new endeavor!

  3. Well you have taken the big step....Congrats. I have opened my shop but never put anything in....eek! Good luck with it!

  4. Yay! Congrats on the shop. Love the quilts you have posted there, specially the one with all the blue.
    Your last words are missing, but your swap items sure look enticing. Looks vintagey...?

  5. omg! those are some super adorable kiddos :) love the hat.