Saturday, June 16, 2012


Major fail alert:

I am ONE 4" block short of being free to finish all the swoon blocks....

There is a quilt shop in town that carries lots of Moda so I'm going to be there bright and early Monday morning searching for the red scallop from Ruby by Bonnie and Camille (right?). If they don't have any I just might cry...and then order some as fast as I can.

My plan was to finish all the blocks and sash them by Sunday night so I could sandwich it all up Monday and get started on the quilting...

Not to worry!  It will be OK. 


  1. D'oh! Hopefully they have it! How frustrating.

  2. Good luck in getting it! I still haven't cut my blocks to start sashing. I don't have the room to cut them...they are too big!!!!

  3. Oh no ! I really hope they have some !
    I have some if you need.. but it might still be faster to order it..

  4. That is a real shame! Hope you get the fabric you're looking for soon =D

  5. As my husband always tells our two year old when she gets all excited-upset about something...
    Calm. down.