Monday, June 4, 2012

June's Just Three

I am so tired.  I don't mean to complain but I feel I could sleep all week long!  I took a class at the gym today (first in a few days since we pretty much halted everything with Matthew's surgery last week).  It kicked my butt all across those darn mirror walls.  Then I hear the instructor say she does one in the morning too.  Then I hear myself asking what time.  Then I hear her say 8:30 and ask if I'll be there.  Then I say yes.

WHAT?! I am insane.  And I just want to go to sleep...

But back to the fun stuff.  I am jumping back into Tracey's great idea of the Just Three linky party.  Head over to Tracey's blog if you don't know what this is yet.  And then check out her patterns.  She makes great quilts!

traceyjay quilts
So.  My Just Three for June are as follows:

1) Make a Swoon quilt for a friend's wedding.  The wedding is the end of THIS month and I only have the fabric cut.  Haven't sewn anything yet.  We're flying out to CA on the 23rd and the wedding is on the 30th.  Fortunately my mom has a sewing machine that's pretty sweet so I'll be able to catch up if I fall behind.  My goal is not to fall behind but to get it done before we go.  Get ready to see a lot of swoon blocks this month friends :)

2) Keep up with the bee's and other required-to-be-done-by-the-end-of-June commitments.  Yes.  I may have joined too many things.  But how can you say no to so much awesome swap-ness?  I have been trying to limit myself a bit more to less intense swaps, but I think I'm going to take the entire month of July off just so I can breath again.  But they're so fun!!!!!

3) I'm following Tracey's lead on this one and am going to make my 3rd goal to relax a bit.  I want to take some deep breaths and be able to enjoy the things I get to make.   I am going to indulge and plan a great quilt to make for myself this fall, and then I'm going to get really excited about it. 

I recently got the first issue of Quilty magazine and it's so cute.  I love the projects, the wording is awesome, it's like someone's talking to you.  Reassuring you as you read the directions in the projects and the articles.  It's just a lovely magazine.  I think I'm going to pick one of these two for my Fall quilt.  What do you think?  Which would you do?

Blonde Redhead - This just makes me want to take a nap under it.  Which is totally the goal I aim for in all the quilts I make.  They should make you want to snuggle underneath them (being awake is optional I guess). But I love this one.  The colors aren't me, really, but I love how bold they are and was thinking something in browns, blues and greys would be good.  But then I was also thinking I should be brave and try some different colors. 

Firefly - This one is so pretty!!  I couldn't get over it when I saw it in the magazine and so I read through the instructions until I figured out how they did it.  Now that I've figured it out I really want to go make it, right now.   Mainly to see what the back looks like.  There isn't a picture or even a hint of the back in the photos in the magazine, and given the way it's put together I think it would make for a pretty cool looking back.  This is the front runner.  Since this will be a fall project, I do like the colors in the photo here.  Makes me want some Apple Cider immediately!

 And I didn't even show you the wonderful box I got for the Modern She Made swap!!  This was so exciting.  A great pick me up of perfect fabric goodies!  My lovely partner was so generous.  I really lucked out. 
It was so wonderful that this is the only picture I have of the goodies!  See that pillow?  Not the owl one, the pezzy print one. Yep.  It's mine!  It is perfect and so well done (my daughter thinks it's her pillow).  The colors are my favorites and along with it were some placemats and a matching pot holder that features some text fabric that is to die for!  My kids are very into letters right now so I'm going to break them in over under dinner tomorrow! She also included 2 jars of phenomenal buttons and a chocolate bar that didn't last the night!  This is why I have a hard time saying no to swaps...because they're awesome and 99% of participants are so thoughtful and so good at being a swapper.  It's wonderful :)

Final quilting bit.  This went out in the mail today.  My very first Dresden plate for the May Traveling Circles bee!  I've always been too scared to try these but it actually wasn't as hard as I expected!  I'd love to make an entire quilt out of these but....that's a project for another year.  I also think it'd be fun to do a Christmas quilt out of these.  They remind me of holiday wreaths!  Maybe enhance it to be a tree skirt where the circle in the middle would be partly for where the tree goes?

And finally, it was 90 + degrees today so we blew up the pool, filled it with the hose and went to town.  Matthew no longer sees his arm as an impairment and is back to normal.  Which means our neighbors heard a lot of "reminding" about not splashing so big and don't get water in your cast...
We are starting to get back to our regular selves here, so I'm hopeful that I'll have more to show you, and a more organized way.  Seems like I've been a bit scattered lately but at least it's not boring around here! 

I can't remember the exact origin of this quote but I always like to remember it at times like this.

"If it wasn't this, it'd be something else!"

Ain't that the truth! 


  1. Wow, #1 is quite a goal ! I'm sure you'll be able to finish it !
    And I totally get why you can't stay away from swaps ! We just finished the modern she made swap but I signed up for the Pillow Talk Swap and the Modernista Homemade swap..

    Is the firefly quilt in the magazine made like this tutorial :

    I've been wanting to try it too and I was also wondering how the back would look. If you make it before me, show me and if I make it before you, I'll show you :)

  2. Great goals! I love Swoon quilts. Your Dresden is very pretty!

  3. Wow you look like you're going to be busy with an element of relaxation! How crazy of you to say yes!

    Ah yes some swaps are just too hard to resist!
    Your Dresden looks amazing I love the black fabrics =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter =D

  4. oh, and now i've tempted you into something else ;) oh, i'm so bad at saying no to things... and i keep swearing i'll trim down this to-do list. and yet, we have another event! your dresden plate is lovely, and would indeed make a great christmas tree skirt. i'd love to make any kind of xmas tree skirt someday! it always gets bumped to the "next year" list... and yay for splashing, right?

  5. I love that you have set some awesome goals for yourself! I will cheer you on....

  6. Hooray for Swoon quilts! What fabrics are you going to use? Good luck on your list while you enjoy the summertime with the kiddos!