Monday, June 18, 2012

We had a happy father's day

We had a fun Father's Day yesterday and I wanted to show you all (hi mom!) some pictures of our weekend! 

We also celebrated Ben's birthday the Wednesday before so it was a full week!

Now, here's the thing.  Ben and I were both raised by single moms.  We're both still trying to figure out how everything works when you have two parents, but it seems to come naturally to him to be a good father and husband! 
Pardon the feet...I have weird toes...

We got him a grill for fathers day on Saturday and put it right to work! 

We showed the kids how to make s'mores and taught them how to play hide and seek after.  It was adorable because they really don't get it but had a great time anyway!  We spent the whole evening outside, it was wonderful!
Sunday was pretty good too.  Ben got to watch some soccer games and we barbequed chicken and had s'mores again!  Oh wow I'd forgotten how good it smells to fire up a charcoal grill...yum!
Made me want to go camping and barbeque everything I eat! 

I love being able to eat outside and stay outside until it gets dark. 

I have good memories of summers as a kid having dinners outside and playing until my knees had grass stains and my feet were covered in dirt.  Those were the best days.  I hope our kids have similar memories, because they were just as dirty!

 I'm really happy to have Ben around. 

It's sooo nice not to have to do all the parenting on my own (which only comes to mind because both our mothers did this whole thing alone.  I can't even imagine what a challenge that must have been.). 

Being able to run out of patience and know that he can fill in for me.  He reads to our children, teaches them to play soccer correctly, to make me laugh, and how to be a good person. 

He is the guy that will pull over to help someone having car trouble.  He helps people reach things on the high shelves in the grocery store.  He picks up trash.  He does the right thing, even if it's not his responsibility.  He has helped me to be a better person and helped me be ok with being me. 

I'm really not super comfortable expressing emotions so writing this is a little challenging...but I really love this guy!  He's my best friend and my biggest supporter.  One thing we've realized during this past year is that "home" really is each other.  It's a wonderful thing to have him in my life, and I'm really happy my children have him for a father!


  1. Nicely done on all levels! Thanks for the pics, too! Love you ALL tons! -Mom

  2. Great pictures. It's nice to have someone who supports you like that =D

  3. What a nice post--sounds like you got a keeper! I understand what you're saying. My husband is such a great dad and it makes me love him even more!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I think every man needs a grill for Father's Day at some point. Cheers to long summer night and extra gooey fingers! :-)