Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do you like Bacon?

I do. 

Have you SEEN this yet?!  You should go look at it now.  I almost died for how awesome and brilliant this is. 

The super talented Monica of Happy Zombie has created something wonderful.  And I am making room to participate.  Too good to miss. 

This may be strange, but I feel a connection to the subject of this quilt. 

Here's why: my (step) brother Chris is pretty much a 99% identical match to this guy (minus the mustache)...but meat, guns, bacon, attitude, clothes, life philosophy, etc...totally the same.  For Christmas we sent him an "Anatomy of Bacon" print.  He liked it a lot. So much that he mentioned he liked it (a big deal).

Go take a look.  If you like Parks and Rec you'll absolutely thank me for finding this for you, and then you'll be so excited by it that you'll gush your soul out to Monica about how your life is now fulfilled.

I may or may not have already done the gushing. 


  1. You are sooooo sweet, Marian! I hope you dive right in!

  2. Wow the quilt looks like a real challenge! Good luck =D

  3. See? I told you that you'd love Monica! If her quilt along was a SheldonCooperalong I'd be all over it. Aparently I'm missing out on something good, I'll have to check out parks & rec. I'm really bad with tv, if it's not on netflix I probably don't watch it. Ohhhhh now I could get down with an andybrennanalong! Oh my gosh that would be awesome!

  4. It is insanely awesome. And your step brother clearly needs to grow a mustache!