Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Three for July

Well, another month is upon us and pretty soon it will be December...they seriously have autumn/Thanksgiving decorations up at JoAnn's.

Time to see how I did in June with my Just Three Goals.

1) Make a Swoon quilt for a friend's wedding.  Did it!!  And it turned out great. 

2) Keep up with the bee's and other required-to-be-done-by-the-end-of-June commitments.  Ok...I didn't get everything done for June that I was supposed to, but that's what the weekend is for! 

3) Relax a bit. Check!  Going to CA helped a bit, and making Hexagons for the Hexy MF worked too.  That's turning into my slow down and enjoy project.  I'm hoping it doesn't take 10 years though.

Now to make some new goals for July!

1) Catch up with June obligations and keep up with July obligations (and don't join anything else)

2) Don't buy any more fabric - This is going to be a toughie.  Have you seen the stuff that comes out this month?!  But I have enough and need to get things finished before I start anything else.

3) Add three quilts to my Etsy shop - This shouldn't be too hard.  I have at least 5 tops I've made that are baby/toddler size quilts that I just made for no particular reason, that are waiting to be basted, quilted, and finished.  And I already basted one last night :)

 Basically I've noticed that my WIP pile is way too big.  I am seriously lacking in finishing discipline skills.  So that's what I'm going to work on this month.   That and not starting any more projects...yet...


  1. Sounds like you have a fun yet busy month's a shame they done sell hexies ready basted in the fabrics you want! =D

  2. Good job on completing your goals! I didn't even get goals set in June. I have a problem starting a project, getting bored then moving on to something else. I also have quite a pile of quilt tops. Pinning the quilt sandwich is my least favorite part so my quilts get stuck at the step.