Friday, August 31, 2012


I don't have a name for this quilt but I love love love it!  Back in April I was queen bee of two groups that use the same book, 99 Modern Blocks, as the inspiration.  I picked the Parisian Star for both bees and sent out this gorgeous blue solid (blue raspberry bella solid) with a request for spring-y colors. 
I got back 20 gorgeous blocks and made 10 more to make it bigger. 
 Now it is done and I love it!  It's actually been done since Monday or Tuesday but I've been using it with great results (took a nap today!) and haven't even cut the threads off or washed it yet! 
  I handstitched around each star to keep it cozy and soft and because, despite the pain, I love to hand quilt.  It is so comforting to sit and work on it and then to see how it all turns out is sooooo wonderful!  Big payoff there.  My favorite. 

I am also really pleased with how the back turned out.  Though it looks greenish here, it's really mostly light blues.  I really need a real camera....Usually I just find fabrics that work with the colors and put them together until I have enough to cover the back.  That's what I did for this one, but I think it turned out better than it usually does! 

I used a scrappy binding I just had on hand, (well, sewed a couple extra pieces together) and voila!  Done.  It is a good throw sized quilt and perfect for naps.  I'm 5' 10" and I like big throw quilts.  Though I didn't measure it (yet), it is a good size for snuggling! 

Linking up to Katie's Handmade Parade today!!  Yay!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Back To School!

Happy Monday everyone!  How's it going?

We sent the Mr. back to school today and the little ones and I had our own little "school" which is really not much.  We counted things and drew the letter "N" and played with some letter flashcards the kids love.

We started reading Fantastic Mr. Fox over breakfast today and I'm hoping we'll keep up the reading at breakfast thing.  The kids liked it and it made for a less stressful "eat your breakfast!!!" morning.

Maybe I had s'mores for breakfast once, maybe not. 

I'm thisclose to finishing a quilt to show you but it's not done yet (It's easier to take pictures of Abby, Matthew doesn't stay still long enough...but I'm determined to catch some of him this week).

On Sunday my kids went to nursery (for the 10 month-3 years kids) by themselves and didn't need me!!  I've helped with nursery pretty much since our oldest was old enough to go to it, so I was nervous about how he'd do. 

Turned out I had nothing to worry about!  It went really well.  Another reminder that my kids are getting too big too fast and don't need me as much...

After the Mr. is done with school we have to take our dog, Hobbes, to the vet.  He's done something odd to his foot and is hopping around like a 3 legged dog, obviously not feeling fingers crossed it isn't serious.  We'll see.  

And as another random note, I've added a 20% off coupon (BACKTOSCHOOL) in my shop that'll be good until September 15th so go have a look! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Boy quilt for a friend :)

My friend Kim is expecting a baby boy in three weeks and tonight is her baby shower! Well, it's in 10 minutes so I'm pretty safe she won't read this before I give it to her!

I LOVE making quilts for people I know, and was excited to have this excuse to make one for a baby boy.  I've been working with lots of girly fabrics and colors lately for no particular reason.

If you follow me on Instagram (@mgriffin87) you know I kindof waited until the last minute, and then changed my mind...heck, if you follow my blog you know I'm really easily distracted.

So...I started this quilt on Tuesday and finished it yesterday afternoon!  I love it.  I decided to hand quilt around each of the stars in blue hand quilting thread.  I LOVE what this does to the quilt.

Keeps it soft and cozy, and keeps it together.  And I couldn't figure out how to machine quilt it, so that was out. 

It was so easy to put together and in this case, that made is really fun.  Especially when this is the awesome result.  Did I tell you I like star blocks yet??

This quilt measures about 40" square and I used one of my favorite Denise Schmidt prints to back it.  Great thing about this size is you don't have to piece the back!!  Major time saved there.

I had some dark blue binding already made so I used it.  More time saved (I always over-estimate binding and have a bunch of random lengths of leftovers that turn out great for Baby quilts or mini-quilts).
I really hope she likes it, and I'm so happy for her growing family!  
 p.s. If you've never sewn on paper before it's really fun.  Plus, this card took maybe 2 minutes to make and it used scraps I had on hand.  win-win. 

I'm thinking of sharing my star block process if you'd be interested?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This far.

Summer is almost over.  We've been enjoying the cooler evenings and spending most of them in the back yard. 

I've got a baby shower to go to on Thursday and was going to make a baby size quilt of this one with these fabrics...
 But then I realized it was already a bit too late for that....So I'm doing something different with some of the fabrics in the next picture...
 This was what my table looked like this morning...There are about 4 different projects in that mess.  The ones on the top right will become the baby quilt :) and I think it will be awesome! 

This black and white star with the aqua center is for the Quilt Around The World II bee.  Specifically for a parisian themed quilt in these colors.  I don't have any Paris fabric, but the name of this block in 99 Modern Blocks is the Parisian Star, so that works right?
 I used 5" charms to make it closer to the size of all the other blocks going into this quilt so far.

This is for Bianca.  She is the queen bee this month for We Bee Modern and asked for the Parisian Star block from that book to be done in modern bright fabrics.  I had a hard time getting accurate colors in this picture, but I really wanted to keep this block, I love the fabrics in it.  Hoping she does too! 

 This is my starter block for the QATW II bee.  My "theme" is blue/aqua, yellow, and grey colors and whatever design they want to make.  I LOVE making these stars and didn't have one for myself in those colors to go with the other blocks yet so that's what I made. 

Anyone else in need of a star? 

I still have 3 other projects in the works that use this block!  

Hope you are all doing well with back to school and the summer ending.  My kids are both too young for school still, but I know it'll only be a couple more years!  Too fast.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue and Grey Boy Quilt

I finished something! 

This blue and grey boy quilt has some of my all time favorite fabrics in it. 

I LOVE that little fox, and the bunting too.  Those whales?  The boys from Sarah Jane's collection Children at Play?!  Aneela Hoey's foxes?  Those adorable elephants?! Some of the best boy geared fabrics of all time.
Oh yeah.  Summersville cars and tractors!  Those birds on the line in the bottom right were one of my first fabrics.  Still one of my favorites.  

It is 54X58 inches and did I mention I love it?!  Perfect for a growing little boy! 

I backed this quilt in a duvet cover from IKEA that is crazy soft and has a grid pattern that is totally boy!  It's bound in a dark blue fabric that frames it really nicely. 

It has been listed in my Etsy Shop and you can find the listing here.

I can't wait for an adorable little boy to have it and drag it all over the place!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP wednesday!!

Well that was's Wednesday again!  And halfway through August...what?  Anyway, I did get some things worked on this past week. 

Soda Pop QAL - Top done!!

You've probably seen this by now, but I'm pretty proud of it.  My hope is to get the backing made and get the whole quilt finished off this weekend.  I'm really excited to use it and wash it and see how the texture of the petals changes.

Back in April I was in charge of two bees and I chose the same block for both of them so I'd be close to an entire top.  I chose the Parisian Star block from the book 99 Modern Blocks, I got back 20 blocks, and made an additional 10 to make it bigger. 
I'm hand quilting around each of the stars and I think it'll make it really lovely. 

Polaroid blocks to swap have been made and will be mailed today.

Scrap Vomit progress: If you ever get charm squares in a swap that you think are nasty, put them in a scrap vomit quilt and it will give them new purpose.  The ultimate second chance.  They will be transformed into awesomeness. 

Extra late blocks for the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches.  They were MUCH easier than I expected.  You can find the tutorial here.
See those fabrics that look kindof yellow looking?  
They're actually green....and I can never get them to photograph true to color!

Next on the list:
I made a list last night of all the bee's I'm in, all the swaps I have going, all the QAL's I'm "participating" in (at my own speed) and all the extra/personal projects I've got on my list as either a need to do or started project.
Um....yeah...that's why I don't like making lists of my current in progress things...proves to myself that I really do take on too much and might be insane. 

baby boy quilt: I have a friend expecting a boy in the next 6 weeks and her baby shower is the end of this month.  I'm making her a quilt for her new guy, but I think she reads this so I'll have to wait until after to show you :)

I'm Hexy and I Know It: my Hexy MF QAL needs some work.  I haven't worked on it much this week and really need to get the rest of those flowers put together and start stitching the petals together.

This is what I have so far.  I love them.

In life news, the Mr. goes back to school in a week and a half....too soon! 

The olympics are over and I have to say, the closing cerimonies really satisfied my craving for good music.  I LOVED all the 80's stuff, espeically The Pet Shop Boys performance of West End Girls.  Their outfits and bikes and suits and jackets!!! So cool!

 And The Spice Girls?  I was in 5th grade when they were all anyone thought about, and have soooo many memories attached to those songs.  All ridiculous and totally awesome. 

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced (on time!) this week!!  Happy Wednesday everyone! 

What are you working on these days??

Monday, August 13, 2012

Soda Pop Top Done!

I did it!

Well, the top part.
I took new pictures this morning.  Stood on a chair this time!

But that counts!!  Bless your soul Allegory, this top was a beast.  Thank you for allowing sewn up tops to count :)
 I sat on the back of the couch to get this shot.  This will be a good size quilt!  I like how the blue petals calm it down a little, but not too much.  It's hard to get true to color pictures with a phone camera, but these are all pretty saturated colors! 

This quilt pattern is by Katy Jones and is in the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters book.  The fabric I used is all from the collection Cocoon by Valori Wells.  

I thought sewing the around the petals with my FMQ foot would be simple...but it was NOT...and if you look really closely, it looks like I sneezed during quilting (see below).  I may have.  But not that many times.

I really really wanted to get this done to enter into the linky party and I made it just in time!  Of course that is why the photos are so dark, but I'll add have added some more tomorrow when the sun comes up!  this morning!

Right now I'm just thrilled to have gotten past all those petals!!! You can check out the other submissions here!

Now we sleep....g'night!

oh!  I can't for the life of me come up with a beverage related name for this thing....if you have any ideas will you tell me?  I might just give you something if I like what you come up with! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WIP Thursday?

Oh goodness this week is going by so quickly!!!  

The Mr husband man was sick for a few days last weekend.  Nothing really bad but it meant he was pretty much unconscious for two days.  So I haven't been super productive like I wanted to...and it's been crazy hot...

Here's what we've been doing:

My kids absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I'm OK with it because they'll watch it and I can shower.  That's a win-win.  And totally random.
As is this shot of them eating cooked carrots, while shirtless, in the bathroom...

Anyway, I've gotten a couple blocks made for the Quilt Around The World II bee I'm in. 

I got some seriously awesome mail yesterday from Katie.  Recognize this little beauty?  Yep, I practically squealed when I saw it and can't stop grinning about it!  So so kind.  Thank you again Katie!
 There's even some extra fabric from Winterkist underneath!  I'm going to make a pillow!

It's been crazy hot lately.  But, we've been outside a lot.  Our backyard is wonderful because it's shady in the afternoon during the hottest time of the day so we can go outside and it's cooler than inside (we just have fans...).  Yesterday Abby brought out her cow (mine from 8th or 9th grade?) and decided it was sleepy, then got a book and read it a story.  So cute.  

This picture I'm especially proud of.  Not because the colors are wonderful, but because these are parts of the extra Parisian Stars I made today to finish my quilt top!  I got 20 of the blocks from being Queen bee back in April over two bees.  Yes, that said April...I finally got around to setting them all up and decided to make it bigger.  Meaning I needed 10 more stars.  I love making these stars though.  They're so fun and easy and the result is so great. 

I've been making progress on my Hexy MF quilt thanks to the Olympics.  It's a bit deceiving as I still have tons of flowers to put together.   All the ones I've done are only secured in the center...but I'm getting there...
Are you working on this too?  How far have you gotten?

I finally started cutting petals out for the Soda Pop QAL thanks to the link party starting over at Allegory's.  I'm really hoping to finish my quilt in time to link it up. 
I was worried about the print I picked from the Cocoon collection to use for the petals but it's much better than I was anticipating.  I really like it.  But it's a lot of ironing in a hot corner of the house. 

We have a tiny inflatable pool in the back yard and I grabbed this shot after the kids decided to jump in fully clothed this afternoon.  If only it was big enough I'd jump in it too.  Those are Abby's little feet.  I just noticed that she has my footprint where only 4 toes show up! 

And in case you're wondering about Matthew, he's recovering nicely from his broken arm earlier this summer.  He now things it's awesome to throw his football onto the roof and wait for it to roll back down.  He gets it on the roof 95% of the time.

And he LOVES watching the Olympics.  Both of them do.  I know the odds aren't in anyone's favor really to be an Olympian but who knows, right?

p.s. those commercials about Olympians moms really get me.  So cute. 

We made cookies today and now the Mr and I are watching McGyver!  "With someone named The Eraser there is no home field advantage," was just part of our conversation.

We've got two and a half weeks until Ben starts school again.  I've seen some of you are already back in school, or are already sending kids back to school!

My how the months pass.  Enjoy the upcoming weekend!  

Don't forget, the destash in my shop is still in full swing and you can check out my last post for a coupon code that'll be good all month!