Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Back To School!

Happy Monday everyone!  How's it going?

We sent the Mr. back to school today and the little ones and I had our own little "school" which is really not much.  We counted things and drew the letter "N" and played with some letter flashcards the kids love.

We started reading Fantastic Mr. Fox over breakfast today and I'm hoping we'll keep up the reading at breakfast thing.  The kids liked it and it made for a less stressful "eat your breakfast!!!" morning.

Maybe I had s'mores for breakfast once, maybe not. 

I'm thisclose to finishing a quilt to show you but it's not done yet (It's easier to take pictures of Abby, Matthew doesn't stay still long enough...but I'm determined to catch some of him this week).

On Sunday my kids went to nursery (for the 10 month-3 years kids) by themselves and didn't need me!!  I've helped with nursery pretty much since our oldest was old enough to go to it, so I was nervous about how he'd do. 

Turned out I had nothing to worry about!  It went really well.  Another reminder that my kids are getting too big too fast and don't need me as much...

After the Mr. is done with school we have to take our dog, Hobbes, to the vet.  He's done something odd to his foot and is hopping around like a 3 legged dog, obviously not feeling fingers crossed it isn't serious.  We'll see.  

And as another random note, I've added a 20% off coupon (BACKTOSCHOOL) in my shop that'll be good until September 15th so go have a look! 


  1. Gosh back to school already you must be happy to get some time back =D

  2. Oh I love back to school! So much excitement all the way around. I hope all is well with Hobbes :-)