Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week...so far.

Summer is almost over.  We've been enjoying the cooler evenings and spending most of them in the back yard. 

I've got a baby shower to go to on Thursday and was going to make a baby size quilt of this one with these fabrics...
 But then I realized it was already a bit too late for that....So I'm doing something different with some of the fabrics in the next picture...
 This was what my table looked like this morning...There are about 4 different projects in that mess.  The ones on the top right will become the baby quilt :) and I think it will be awesome! 

This black and white star with the aqua center is for the Quilt Around The World II bee.  Specifically for a parisian themed quilt in these colors.  I don't have any Paris fabric, but the name of this block in 99 Modern Blocks is the Parisian Star, so that works right?
 I used 5" charms to make it closer to the size of all the other blocks going into this quilt so far.

This is for Bianca.  She is the queen bee this month for We Bee Modern and asked for the Parisian Star block from that book to be done in modern bright fabrics.  I had a hard time getting accurate colors in this picture, but I really wanted to keep this block, I love the fabrics in it.  Hoping she does too! 

 This is my starter block for the QATW II bee.  My "theme" is blue/aqua, yellow, and grey colors and whatever design they want to make.  I LOVE making these stars and didn't have one for myself in those colors to go with the other blocks yet so that's what I made. 

Anyone else in need of a star? 

I still have 3 other projects in the works that use this block!  

Hope you are all doing well with back to school and the summer ending.  My kids are both too young for school still, but I know it'll only be a couple more years!  Too fast.


  1. Such cool fabric stacks! Loving the blocks and the colour schemes =D

  2. Nice blocks, and really nice fabric!!