Thursday, August 9, 2012

WIP Thursday?

Oh goodness this week is going by so quickly!!!  

The Mr husband man was sick for a few days last weekend.  Nothing really bad but it meant he was pretty much unconscious for two days.  So I haven't been super productive like I wanted to...and it's been crazy hot...

Here's what we've been doing:

My kids absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I'm OK with it because they'll watch it and I can shower.  That's a win-win.  And totally random.
As is this shot of them eating cooked carrots, while shirtless, in the bathroom...

Anyway, I've gotten a couple blocks made for the Quilt Around The World II bee I'm in. 

I got some seriously awesome mail yesterday from Katie.  Recognize this little beauty?  Yep, I practically squealed when I saw it and can't stop grinning about it!  So so kind.  Thank you again Katie!
 There's even some extra fabric from Winterkist underneath!  I'm going to make a pillow!

It's been crazy hot lately.  But, we've been outside a lot.  Our backyard is wonderful because it's shady in the afternoon during the hottest time of the day so we can go outside and it's cooler than inside (we just have fans...).  Yesterday Abby brought out her cow (mine from 8th or 9th grade?) and decided it was sleepy, then got a book and read it a story.  So cute.  

This picture I'm especially proud of.  Not because the colors are wonderful, but because these are parts of the extra Parisian Stars I made today to finish my quilt top!  I got 20 of the blocks from being Queen bee back in April over two bees.  Yes, that said April...I finally got around to setting them all up and decided to make it bigger.  Meaning I needed 10 more stars.  I love making these stars though.  They're so fun and easy and the result is so great. 

I've been making progress on my Hexy MF quilt thanks to the Olympics.  It's a bit deceiving as I still have tons of flowers to put together.   All the ones I've done are only secured in the center...but I'm getting there...
Are you working on this too?  How far have you gotten?

I finally started cutting petals out for the Soda Pop QAL thanks to the link party starting over at Allegory's.  I'm really hoping to finish my quilt in time to link it up. 
I was worried about the print I picked from the Cocoon collection to use for the petals but it's much better than I was anticipating.  I really like it.  But it's a lot of ironing in a hot corner of the house. 

We have a tiny inflatable pool in the back yard and I grabbed this shot after the kids decided to jump in fully clothed this afternoon.  If only it was big enough I'd jump in it too.  Those are Abby's little feet.  I just noticed that she has my footprint where only 4 toes show up! 

And in case you're wondering about Matthew, he's recovering nicely from his broken arm earlier this summer.  He now things it's awesome to throw his football onto the roof and wait for it to roll back down.  He gets it on the roof 95% of the time.

And he LOVES watching the Olympics.  Both of them do.  I know the odds aren't in anyone's favor really to be an Olympian but who knows, right?

p.s. those commercials about Olympians moms really get me.  So cute. 

We made cookies today and now the Mr and I are watching McGyver!  "With someone named The Eraser there is no home field advantage," was just part of our conversation.

We've got two and a half weeks until Ben starts school again.  I've seen some of you are already back in school, or are already sending kids back to school!

My how the months pass.  Enjoy the upcoming weekend!  

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  1. Wow you really seem to be taking advantage of the heat. Great work on the blocks and a very interesting choice for the petals on your quilt.
    Boys always like to do crazy things! =D

  2. Oh man, do I remember the days of kids in the bathroom while I showered! It's been a long time! I love the petal fabric on your hexies, do you happen to remember what it is?

  3. Your kids are adorable!! Mine love the clubhouse too, mostly for the theme tune I think!!
    The blocks are great and I can't wait to see your soda pop, the fabrics look gorgeous!