Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP wednesday!!

Well that was's Wednesday again!  And halfway through August...what?  Anyway, I did get some things worked on this past week. 

Soda Pop QAL - Top done!!

You've probably seen this by now, but I'm pretty proud of it.  My hope is to get the backing made and get the whole quilt finished off this weekend.  I'm really excited to use it and wash it and see how the texture of the petals changes.

Back in April I was in charge of two bees and I chose the same block for both of them so I'd be close to an entire top.  I chose the Parisian Star block from the book 99 Modern Blocks, I got back 20 blocks, and made an additional 10 to make it bigger. 
I'm hand quilting around each of the stars and I think it'll make it really lovely. 

Polaroid blocks to swap have been made and will be mailed today.

Scrap Vomit progress: If you ever get charm squares in a swap that you think are nasty, put them in a scrap vomit quilt and it will give them new purpose.  The ultimate second chance.  They will be transformed into awesomeness. 

Extra late blocks for the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches.  They were MUCH easier than I expected.  You can find the tutorial here.
See those fabrics that look kindof yellow looking?  
They're actually green....and I can never get them to photograph true to color!

Next on the list:
I made a list last night of all the bee's I'm in, all the swaps I have going, all the QAL's I'm "participating" in (at my own speed) and all the extra/personal projects I've got on my list as either a need to do or started project.
Um....yeah...that's why I don't like making lists of my current in progress things...proves to myself that I really do take on too much and might be insane. 

baby boy quilt: I have a friend expecting a boy in the next 6 weeks and her baby shower is the end of this month.  I'm making her a quilt for her new guy, but I think she reads this so I'll have to wait until after to show you :)

I'm Hexy and I Know It: my Hexy MF QAL needs some work.  I haven't worked on it much this week and really need to get the rest of those flowers put together and start stitching the petals together.

This is what I have so far.  I love them.

In life news, the Mr. goes back to school in a week and a half....too soon! 

The olympics are over and I have to say, the closing cerimonies really satisfied my craving for good music.  I LOVED all the 80's stuff, espeically The Pet Shop Boys performance of West End Girls.  Their outfits and bikes and suits and jackets!!! So cool!

 And The Spice Girls?  I was in 5th grade when they were all anyone thought about, and have soooo many memories attached to those songs.  All ridiculous and totally awesome. 

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced (on time!) this week!!  Happy Wednesday everyone! 

What are you working on these days??


  1. Gosh it looks like you have a lot to be getting on with! Hope you can cross some things off your list soon!
    I'm busy working on a secret project. Then going to be sorting out my Etsy shop! =D

  2. I made a huge list this week too. Wow. I start way too many projects. Oh well... I'm not alone. Love the centers of your hexagon flowers. Beautiful and interesting!

  3. Everything is lovely, especially your soda pop quilt top and your hexies! And I also just made a list of all that I have to do and it is making my head spin so I hear you on that, but it always feels good to be able to cross things off :)

  4. holy crap!!! that's a whole lot of awesome right there :) yay yay you!!!

  5. Love the soda pop quilt and the hexies. I really like the text print in the center of all of the flowers and how it seems to hold them all together. And, I love that you have an involvement list longer than mine!

  6. Hahaha the Spice Girls were the first concert I ever went to, I think in 5th grade also. I saved up my money for a really long time to be able to buy a tshirt at the concert. Ahhh, to be 10 again!

  7. the list - lol.

    I'd be stressed out if I had that much things on my list !

    LOVE your hexies + Soda Pop QAL! They both look so awesome :)

  8. Wow! I love your hexies and your to-do list is so organized. I need to get my projects in order like that!