Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey everyone!

Just a quick hello, as I want to direct your attention here

I just saw this post and wanted to pass it along so everyone who might be able to help out this lovely family can do so.

Here is the original post with details.  I'm sure anything, including prayers, will be appreciated.

Hope you're having a good weekend, be sure to hug and kiss your loved ones!!

And a couple quick Instagrams from the last 24 hrs :)

 This is the scrappy chevron distraction I finished (this) morning!!  I love it.  I want to make it bigger but I don't really want to "mess with it's flow" right now.  Borders? anything?  ideas? I love it.  Didn't plan out any part of it except what solid went with what print. 
 My favorite craft/fabric store in the area is going out of business so I did some stocking up.  ALL of their fabric was 30% off so I got some flannels to make the kids some pj pants, some Cosmo embroidery floss and that super cuddly Nicey Jane fleece or something that I've already napped with today.  It's perfect.  Maybe some craft supplies to last us the long cold winter too....
 She makes lots of reeeealllly good faces. 
Happy mail from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Tip: go check out their sale section!!  right now. there's some art gallery fabrics in there, and some other awesome stuff like the one with the Snail. 

This stuff (with the exception of Snail and Daddy Bear) was all bought for specific projects.  Perhaps a Halloween shirt for moi, and some HexyMF progress. 

Happy weekending to you all!  I'll be working on Bee Blocks and all the stuff I should've been doing while I was actually doing other stuff. 

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  1. Can little Lady Face get any cuter? I doubt it. The chevron quilt is inspiring me! Thanks for sharing!