Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Bunting Tutorial!!

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday.  I got sick really suddenly Friday night, slept most of Saturday except for a Target trip, and then I slept the rest of the day away.

I'm feeling better today though and since Halloween is only a week and a half away, it's about time I got this put together!

In cutting strips for my Halloween quilt I had those end of the row extra pieces that I wanted to do something with and came up with this.  There are lots of ways this can be fancied up or personalized so I encourage you, if you make this, to feel free to make it your own.  That's the fun part!! 

Here's what you'll need:

-fabric scraps (we'll be folding them in half so keep that in mind if you choose something with a design you want to feature).
-ribbon (figure out how long you want your bunting to be and cut ribbon accordingly.  For me this means, look at the wall it's going on and then guess, or hold up the ribbon and cut.  Not very scientific but that's ok).

1.  Iron scraps in half, right sides together.
2.  Stitch 2 sides closed, be sure your opening is at the top if you have an "up" to your print.

3.  Turn right side out and iron flat.

4.  Stitch around all sides.
 (I didn't follow my own advice on this one, and it probably isn't a huge deal if you don't stitch up the top first, as you'll stitch over it when sewing it to the ribbon.)

5.  Grab your ribbon and on a flat surface place, or pin, your pieces on one side of the ribbon.  This will be the back, so keep in mind when placing any pieces that have designs or prints you especially want to feature.  This is also helpful in deciding how big your bunting will be and therefore, how much ribbon you'll actually be using. 

6.  Make a loop knot, for hanging, on each end of your ribbon.

7.  Stitch each fabric piece to the ribbon in any order you want, and continue until you are out of ribbon or out of fabric, or until you come to the loop.  Just keep an eye out for the end so you don't have to unpick stitches. 
(I asked him to smile for me and this is what he did...But! He was a great helper and handed me each piece so I got a very random distribution and only edited so that two of the same weren't next to each other)

8.  Trim any loose threads, turn over so ribbon is on top of fabric.  Hang up your bunting and enjoy!! 

i am so excited for when i won't rent a house i can pick the wall colors....

If you have any questions, of if anything about this is confusing, let me know and I'll do my best to help!  Hope you all have a great week!!

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  1. Are you buying a house ??

    And really great tutorial ! I'll skip the Halloween one but I'm pretty sure I'll make one for christmas :)

  2. We don't 'do' Halloween, but I do 'do' buntings and I never thought to make with with ribbon. Seems a little easier than making one with skinny bias tape. I'm going to have to try it with ribbon soon! Thanks!