Thursday, October 11, 2012

#notgoingtosewingsummit either! And a lot of pictures

 So this week and weekend is Sewing Summit!  I'm not there, but am having fun sewing up a storm anyway (perhaps in distraction that I'm not there?)!!  I tell you what, I'm just excited to know such an event EXISTS!  and am super determined to get there next year, I'm already starting a piggy bank!

I'll be here all weekend if you need me : )

Will probably make more of these today...
In light of many people not being able to get to Sewing Summit there are a few things you can follow/participate in anyway!  Follow the hashtag #sewingsummit on Instagram or Twitter to see what everyone who IS there is up to!  Follow #notgoingtosewingsummit or #notatsewingsummit to see what those of us who didn't make it are working on! 
 Bee blocks I finished recently...there are a lot...

If you want some connecting time with sewing friends, Sarah has set up a Stay at Home Summit for Saturday through Google Hangouts so you can come chat with sewing/crafting friends, or set up your webcam and hangout that way!  Here's a link to the Google Hangout so you can be there! 

 More bee blocks...

Also, in tweeting with Sarah on Twitter, we were thinking it'd be fun to have an informal challenge to see how much we can get done while we're not at sewing summit!  So, this "challenge" starts today (the official start of Sewing Summit) and will go until Saturday.  I'll be intagraming (@mgriffin87) my progress all week and will probably post a bit more on the blog here too!

 Even more bee blocks...

Amy is having a link up party here so you can have yet another way to stay connected and have an extra fun and crafty and stitchy weekend.  You can link up as often as you want, a virtual sewing room!!
 I made a bunch of pillowcases over the weekend (and then I got sick and slept for a day...and then I was fine...but it was nice having a sweet pillowcase to use!) I used this tutorial, and they are so easy and so addictive! And they even have French seams!!
I decided to make Halloween decorations yesterday so I stitched this up to hang on one of our blank walls.  I'm really happy with how it came out since I freehanded it with no plan....!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Go get sewing, or stitching, or crafting!!  Go make something.  Then come show me what it is!! 

Oh, and this is my 98th post!  I think something special is in order for #100 so stay tuned while I figure that out!


  1. I wish I could just sew all weekend.. but I have to work.
    I want to go next year so badly !!

    And you seem to have a lot going on :) It's nice to stay busy !!

  2. Wow looks like not going to the Summit is the thing to do!! We are having family over this weekend! =D

  3. Holy cow! I didn't go to Summit and I don't even have a fraction of what you did to show for it! Keep it up girl!