Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Happy Halloweeeeeen!! again...two posts in one day!  Yahoo! 


-Halloween costumes: We had our ward Halloween party last night and the kids ran their costumes around, and one of them got barfed on...yuck...but they looked sooooo good! And they were so excited to wear them!

-I made TWO Wiksten Tova Tops this week and am already planning out the next ones. 

My husband was pretty impressed that I could sew myself a shirt and not look like a homeless pilgram.  He said I should make one in blue (which obviously means I need to buy some of this fabric right?!). I highly recommend this pattern.  I didn't make a muslin and both shirts turned out wonderfully.   And this was the first real garment I've ever made for myself.  It was wonderful.

-I finished up these Fly a Kite pillow covers that have been sitting on my dryer for way too long!  I don't know why I waited so long on these, they were so easy and I kindof want to keep them all!  But they'll be in my shop soon.

-I got two small quilts quilted, binding cut and made for another one, and found a solution to a problem I was stuck with in another quilt top!  Weekends are productive for me : )

Still To do this week:

-I've got bee blocks to finish, and if you're waiting for one from me I promise this is the week I am getting caught up!!  And I apologize for keeping you waiting...being late is really anti my usual way of operating.  I'm usually 10 minutes to things and then wondering if I'm in the right place because I'm the first one there, haha! 

-I've got bee fabrics to cut and mail as I'm in charge of a couple bees in November, so that also means directions to post to Flickr.  I'll share these since I'm pretty excited for what I've come up with! 

What do you have going on this week? Is your week as busy as mine?  Probably busier, I can get a little dramatic in my head sometimes ; )

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  1. 1. Already said in your previous post but your kids are so cute in their costumes !

    2. LOVE you Tova top ! I really need to make one. How many yards of fabric does it requires ? And yes, you need that fabric to make another one.

    I'm busy too ! I'm almost done with half of my Hustle list and we're getting close to that half way mark as well so I say it's pretty good :) I'm confident I can make it.

  2. Cute kiddos--love their costumes! And I love your tunic. I bought the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern several months ago but still haven't made one. Seems like projects for me never get done.

  3. I'm very impressed with your Tova top. Great fabric choice!

  4. Cute costumes! Your tova looks so great!

  5. Love your top! And hey, if your husband is encouraging you to make a blue one, you definitely need to buy new fabric.
    I may have to try that top myself one day...

  6. The pillow cover if very pretty.