Thursday, November 29, 2012

the one where I do all the things : )

Well, I missed WIP Wednesday again, but still feel the need to track my progress so here goes:

Finished this past week/weekend:

-do. Good Stitches Bliss Circle house quilt

-Broken dishes baby quilt

-baby quilt for my nephew (can't show you this yet, sorry!!)

-Bee blocks for the Quilt Around the World II bee (mailed yesterday)

In Progress/Next:

-Pattern testing for Diane and Tracey (pictures soon. or follow me on Instagram @mgriffin87 to see my progress so far)

-Kawaii Winter Sampler cross stitch -not really next, but I keep telling myself I can work on it soon as a "reward" if I get things done.  It's so stinking cute I just want to stare at it (even though my little owl has a lopsided tummy!)

-Sew Quilt Give charity quilt - basted, ready to quilt.  Hoping I can get this done today and in the mail tomorrow.

-Christmas Quilt for us - top is done, I've started the backing but really have no clue.  Maybe I'll go to JoAnn's and get some flannel for the back and finish it this weekend.

-All the other bee blocks that need to get done - next year I'm not joining so many but they sure are fun! This is a major one, I'm hoping to ge them all done today so I can mail them tomorrow also...

-Christmas Pillowcases/other decorations - my husband is totally embarrassed that we've already got a tree up and the lights on it ("in broad daylight!" were his exact words, silly man) but I just figure it's one less thing to do the week of Christmas.  I got some Christmas fabric with Fat Quarter Shop's awesome sale and want to make us all some pillowcases.

-I've also got pillow covers and table runners to finish and put in my Etsy shop, so I might extend my sale a bit since those didn't get done as quickly as I'd hoped (discount code THANKS25 for 25% off everything)

Well, the kids are watching Cars with sandwiches and pretty intense focus, so I think I'm going to snatch some time to get this list checked off!! 

And I haven't even made a list of what I want to sew for Christmas yet!!!!!!!!  Oh boy....

from blank pages... linky party

Linking up with Diane at From Blank Pages today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

finished broken dishes baby quilt for a friend

I've got this adorable pregnant friend who is ready to pop any day.  Hopefully they'll be parents this week, but you never know!

I made this quilt out of charm squares from my stash, many from participating in a boy/girl i-spy charm swap on flickr and then pairing them with a contrasting, or complimenting fabric in a broken dish pattern. 

I used this lovely tutorial from 3 kitchen fairies and I totally recommend it.  Super easy, super quick, and it turns out super lovely. 

The top went together so fast, partly because I was planning as I went and just played with it.  So fun. 

My favorite kind of sewing is when having fun makes it go quickly and together nicely.  That doesn't always happen, but it's sure nice when it does! 

Anyway, this little quilt will be gifted this week and hopefully will get to snuggle a new little girly before much longer! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

do. Good Stitches Bliss circle finished quilt!

I'm having the hardest time waking up today.  It's about 11:30 and I'm still in my pj's.  In my defense I washed all my pants at the same time and they're still in the dryer ; )
Anyway, I had a pretty productive weekend and finished two quilts and made a bunch of backings so I've got lots to show you this week! 

This is a project I've held onto way too long, but it's so cute I bet you'd do the same thing. 

Back in April (yes...that long ago) I was in charge of the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches charity sewing bee on Flickr and had everyone make me two of these adorable house blocks for a quilt.

Then this past week, I made 4 more houses to make the quilt a little bigger and came up with this lovely top, which I was afraid to quilt!
I had great suggestions on Instagram to add clouds, windows, doorknobs, and other neighborhoodly goodness.  This also scared me, but I pressed on and gave it a try. 

And I LOVE it.  It's easily my favorite thing right now.  I've decided to make my kids a neighborhood house quilt and the block isn't really that hard to do.  I might be making some Christmas houses to turn into pillows also.  Won't that be cute?! 

Anyway, I'm thrilled to check this one off my list, and even more thrilled that it turned out so well!  I used an existing binding I had leftover from a quilt I made in July, and made a backing with fabric from my stash as well. 
 Yes, I did quilt a snowman the size of the house into it. 
It measures 45 1/2" x 56 1/2" before washing.

Now I just need to find the label and give this baby it's first spin in the washing machine and send it on it's way!!

I'm linking up to Sew Modern Mondays with Canoe Ridge Creations and entering this quilt into the Celebrate Good Stitches contest over at Stitched in Color, when December 10th rolls around of course!

*don't forget to use THANKS25 for 25% off my entire Etsy shop good through this week only (ending Dec. 1) and check back often for new items I'll be listing just in time for Christmas gifting!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday!!

Everything in my Etsy shop is 25% off with code: THANKS25

Great quilts for little ones, zip pouches, and pillow covers, all would be awesome holiday gifts! Plus, there's even still some fabric to be had : )

This coupon will be good until the 1st of December with lots of new items added early this week!

Happy Monday and happy shopping!!

Etsy shop is LadyFaceQuilts

Friday, November 23, 2012

happy black friday?

Did you get your shopping done yet?

I like to go after all the crazy early crowds and see what's left for a good deal.  I've gotten some great movies that way and never had to stand in line, always a plus. In fact, we got 4 Harry Potter movies today for less than $2 each! 

I also had my trigger finger on refresh over at Fat Quarter Shop and have been in and out of my shopping cart at Pink Castle Fabrics all day!  Did you know they have the new printed pattern for the washi dress?  You can bet one of those will be mine soon.

We had a great and relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday, just the 4 of us.  I cooked enough food for 10 people though.  It was fun.  And it's really nice to have leftovers too. 

We had an 18 pound turkey and used Alton Brown's recipe from Food Network to brine it and it was wonderful.  Great recipe.

I also made green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, these rolls, this broccoli salad, and used this pie crust recipe to make chocolate cream pie (instant chocolate pudding and fresh whipped cream), these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (with cream cheese frosting), and this apple pie (with ice cream of course).

We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in the morning, followed by a bit of a dog show with a great looking Great Dane, and then football. 

I'm sorry it's been quiet around here lately.  I think I needed a little break, some of it was involuntary as the past two weeks have been incredibly busy!  The craft night I organized for the ladies at my church went really well, then my parents came in for my birthday last weekend and we had a great time.  Then cooking for Thanksgiving!  I actually took a nice nap yesterday after I finished cooking everything...after I taste-tested of course!

I've got a project I've been working on that might be making it's debut this week over at Allisa Jacob's blog.  

She makes gorgeous fabrics and sent me some to play with.  I made 3 pillow covers and had so much fun with her fabrics, she's super talented and her colors are perfect.  You can check out her Etsy shop here.

I'm crossing these pillow covers off my list as a finish, and am linking up to Finish it up Friday's over at Crazy Mom Quilts!  She got a heck of a lot done yesterday, go see! 

I've been making some more things to go in my Etsy shop for the holidays and have a new discount code this weekend in time for Cyber Monday use - "THANKS25" for 25% off the entire shop between now and December 1st!! 

I hope you've all had a great week wherever you live and can enjoy a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

100 day hustle check in!

Well, now there are less than 50 days left to the year!  Yikes.  My parents are coming to town this weekend and I'm in charge of a craft night at church on Wednesday so it's going to be a busy, but fun, week. 

Here's an update of my original list! 

1. Finish this stack of tops on the chair next to my couch.

Almost done.  I think 3 of those have been completed.

2.  Quilt for my sister-in-law who is having baby boy #2 in November really close to my birthday!!  I've already picked the fabrics and the pattern. Top is done.

3.  Halloween quilt - I really want to sit under this one while I hand out Halloween candy...DONE! I wrote a post about this quilt here if you want more details.

4. Patchwork Prism QAL -  Haven't touched it yet.

5. Three charity quilts.  One is already a top, the other two are still blocks.  Need to either make more or do borders for those.  One top is done, and the others are high on the to-do list.  Hoping to get them done in the next two weeks at most.

6. I'd also like to keep afloat in all the bee's I'm in and so that's got to be on this list too.  Catching up quickly!

7.  Get my Hexy MF hexagons all sewn up. Maybe have the top finished.  I've been working on them and in this one every little bit helps. 

8. Farmer's Wife quilt blocks assessed, and a separate goal made for that one. Haven't touched these yet.

9.  Matthew wants a Mario quilt for Christmas, but it might become a pillow. It will be a pillow, and I also haven't gotten father than there.

10.  Halloween costumes - Mario, Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.
11. Two wedding quilts that are way overdue need to get planned.  No progress but lots of ideas.

12.  Make a Tova Tunic and Tank.  2 TUNICS DONE! I have fabric to make another one already, and might make a Christmas one also.  Haven't picked fabric for the tank yet. 

15.  A Christmas quilt or pillow or somethin' would be awesome.   I've got a spinning stars Christmas quilt top done, just need to find backing and get it done.  I've got a lot of pillow covers ready to finish.  Some for me, and some for the shop.  Fingers crossed those get done this week too!

14.  Get the little lady face potty trained!  I know, not sewing related but this would really be awesome.  We have made some progress on this actually, but it's been lots of laundry and patience.  I am hopeful that we'll get this one done by the new year! 

So, that's 3 finished and a lot of ALMOST done things....Hopefully this will be a productive week!!   

I had a rough week last week so I'm very glad that it's Monday.  Lots to do but there's snow on the ground and plenty of hot chocolate mix and mini-marshmallows to keep things cheery!  

What did you do last week?? Any fun plans for this week??

Friday, November 2, 2012

Finish it up Friday

Sometimes Fridays are just hard.  This was one of those.  I have so much I need to finish, that I have every intention of finishing, and that I want to finish...

Today my 2.5 year old has screamed at me almost nonstop all day long.  I've done surprisingly well not letting it get to me too much, but we had to have one of those days of "look, there are rules and you have to follow them."  That is hard when you're only 2.5 and today it required that I empty her room of all her things and required respect from her. 

As I write this she is almost done putting a stack of her books back into her room.  It's taken her 2 hours to do this because she's whined, cried, made excuses, and gotten distracted.  Her peanut butter and jelly is now 2 hours old because I told her she needed to clean up some of her books before she could eat. 

Some days being a mom is just plain difficult. 

In spite of that, I do have a couple things to show that I did get finished. 

-I got my directions posted for the three bees I'm in charge of this month.  More to see on those later.

-I mailed bee blocks that were overdue.

-I cut fabric and mailed fabric for the spinning stars blocks my Boo Bee friends will be making me this month.

-I also need to remind myself of the other things I've gotten done this week.  To prove to myself that I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.
 I finished Halloween costumes!
 Crossed off a long forgotten WIP and made 3 pillow covers!
Made 2 Wiksten Tova Shirts this week and plans for many more!

-I'm also planning a craft night (2 weeks from today) for the women at church and am really nervous that it'll be an epic failure.  Probably won't be, but I'm nervous about it and have a lot to do for it.

Perhaps best of all my husband bought me flowers and I got comments/emails that brought me smiles.  Smiles and reminders that you're not a horrible-mom-rule-monster-slacker person really make all the difference. 

Fingers crossed, the Mr. and I might get to have a date night tonight!!! 

*I hope this post doesn't seem like bragging or complaining.  I needed to remind myself a bit that I'm not horrible, and keep it real so you know it's not all smiles and sunshine here all the time.  I'm sure I'm not the only one with 2 year old's who scream and whine and throw tantrums with things to plan and deadlines to meet.  Heck, I'm sure most of you are much busier than I am!  So thank you for letting me get it out a little today.  I hope you all realize how much you each do for so many people!  

linking this up with Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday and wishing you a happy weekend! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to not freak out...unless you want to. Then I have some recommendations.

(pssst!  I'm #598 in the bloggers quilt festival so if you feel like voting or nominating, go here!  There are so many, SO MANY, gorgeous quilts to pick from!)

So last night we watched Ghostbusters in honor of Halloween as I snuggled under my newly finished quilt.  Then it came up that I'd never seen Alien, so we watched that next...Here are my tips for surviving any creepy movie you haven't seen before...

1.  When your husband wants to watch Alien and you've never seen it before, make sure he turns the volume down so no creepiness gets lodged in your subconscious.  A quiet movie is a much less creepy movie.

2.  Make a random blog post to keep your mind occupied.  Especially after he says this is the movie that gave him nightmares for a week and you get creeeeeeped out easily (it makes my armpits sweat. Like really suddenly, and I hate it when things pop out at me).

3.  Distract yourself by deciding to make a quilt with these blocks in totally awesome fabrics.  I've become a bit obsessed with traditional blocks and patterns done in modern fabrics and color combinations.  They look so cool.  I'm thinking some text fabrics, and no solids.  And lots of fabrics I love, just because I love them.

4.  Check out fat quarter shop's sale page.  They've just put a bunch of Halloween fabrics on sale and I've got my eye on this bundle right here.  While you're at it, check all the sale pages : )

5.  Pinterest.  I get distracted here and can easily fill my mind with a reservoir of happy thoughts and ideas.  Zulilly and VeryJane are also favorite spots to browse.  Good deals too so that's always a happy thing.

6. Spoonflower.  I'm loving this design and think it would be awesome on one wall in a bathroom, or on the back of a bookcase if you got it in wallpaper.  Heck, it'd be so cool to wallpaper a closet with this!  Drawers lined with it...the possibilities are endless....I need some.  Or in fabric it would be a totally rad wholecloth quilt all on it's own.  Such a great design.

7.  Then, when the movie is only downloaded halfway, go to sleep because it's already 12:30.  But take a long shower first so you have time to forget about the movie.  Or just replay Spaceball's spoof of Alien in your head and laugh yourself to sleep!   

I don't really mind these alien types of movies because they're so far fetched.  I just hate it when something pops out of the wall (or someone's belly) and makes me jump...!

BUT! If you really want to creep yourself out, I recommend psychological thrillers like Hide and Seek, Psycho, or the cult favorite TV show from the 90's, Twin Peaks.

Anything Hitchcock is great.  He is still the master of suspense in my opinion.  Suspicion is a great one not many people have seen.

Part of me really enjoys the psychology of it because the mind is such an amazing, fascinating, and complicated thing, but those creepers stick with me much longer.  So put those on your list for next year, and make a quilt to have when you need to shield your eyes!

And then watch some Phineas and Ferb for some silly happiness!  Because Perry is fantastic.

By the way, HAPPY NOVEMBER!!