Monday, November 12, 2012

100 day hustle check in!

Well, now there are less than 50 days left to the year!  Yikes.  My parents are coming to town this weekend and I'm in charge of a craft night at church on Wednesday so it's going to be a busy, but fun, week. 

Here's an update of my original list! 

1. Finish this stack of tops on the chair next to my couch.

Almost done.  I think 3 of those have been completed.

2.  Quilt for my sister-in-law who is having baby boy #2 in November really close to my birthday!!  I've already picked the fabrics and the pattern. Top is done.

3.  Halloween quilt - I really want to sit under this one while I hand out Halloween candy...DONE! I wrote a post about this quilt here if you want more details.

4. Patchwork Prism QAL -  Haven't touched it yet.

5. Three charity quilts.  One is already a top, the other two are still blocks.  Need to either make more or do borders for those.  One top is done, and the others are high on the to-do list.  Hoping to get them done in the next two weeks at most.

6. I'd also like to keep afloat in all the bee's I'm in and so that's got to be on this list too.  Catching up quickly!

7.  Get my Hexy MF hexagons all sewn up. Maybe have the top finished.  I've been working on them and in this one every little bit helps. 

8. Farmer's Wife quilt blocks assessed, and a separate goal made for that one. Haven't touched these yet.

9.  Matthew wants a Mario quilt for Christmas, but it might become a pillow. It will be a pillow, and I also haven't gotten father than there.

10.  Halloween costumes - Mario, Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.
11. Two wedding quilts that are way overdue need to get planned.  No progress but lots of ideas.

12.  Make a Tova Tunic and Tank.  2 TUNICS DONE! I have fabric to make another one already, and might make a Christmas one also.  Haven't picked fabric for the tank yet. 

15.  A Christmas quilt or pillow or somethin' would be awesome.   I've got a spinning stars Christmas quilt top done, just need to find backing and get it done.  I've got a lot of pillow covers ready to finish.  Some for me, and some for the shop.  Fingers crossed those get done this week too!

14.  Get the little lady face potty trained!  I know, not sewing related but this would really be awesome.  We have made some progress on this actually, but it's been lots of laundry and patience.  I am hopeful that we'll get this one done by the new year! 

So, that's 3 finished and a lot of ALMOST done things....Hopefully this will be a productive week!!   

I had a rough week last week so I'm very glad that it's Monday.  Lots to do but there's snow on the ground and plenty of hot chocolate mix and mini-marshmallows to keep things cheery!  

What did you do last week?? Any fun plans for this week??


  1. I want your Tova and your spinning stars!! Both rock! Happy hustling!

  2. I love the spinning star quilt too !! And will you make me a Tova ? I'm so scared to make clothes.
    Crossing my fingers you will be very productive this week :) I know you can do this !!

    Last week, I didn't do a lot I think. And I'm so busy at school right now that I don't think anything exciting will happen anytime soon.