Friday, November 2, 2012

Finish it up Friday

Sometimes Fridays are just hard.  This was one of those.  I have so much I need to finish, that I have every intention of finishing, and that I want to finish...

Today my 2.5 year old has screamed at me almost nonstop all day long.  I've done surprisingly well not letting it get to me too much, but we had to have one of those days of "look, there are rules and you have to follow them."  That is hard when you're only 2.5 and today it required that I empty her room of all her things and required respect from her. 

As I write this she is almost done putting a stack of her books back into her room.  It's taken her 2 hours to do this because she's whined, cried, made excuses, and gotten distracted.  Her peanut butter and jelly is now 2 hours old because I told her she needed to clean up some of her books before she could eat. 

Some days being a mom is just plain difficult. 

In spite of that, I do have a couple things to show that I did get finished. 

-I got my directions posted for the three bees I'm in charge of this month.  More to see on those later.

-I mailed bee blocks that were overdue.

-I cut fabric and mailed fabric for the spinning stars blocks my Boo Bee friends will be making me this month.

-I also need to remind myself of the other things I've gotten done this week.  To prove to myself that I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.
 I finished Halloween costumes!
 Crossed off a long forgotten WIP and made 3 pillow covers!
Made 2 Wiksten Tova Shirts this week and plans for many more!

-I'm also planning a craft night (2 weeks from today) for the women at church and am really nervous that it'll be an epic failure.  Probably won't be, but I'm nervous about it and have a lot to do for it.

Perhaps best of all my husband bought me flowers and I got comments/emails that brought me smiles.  Smiles and reminders that you're not a horrible-mom-rule-monster-slacker person really make all the difference. 

Fingers crossed, the Mr. and I might get to have a date night tonight!!! 

*I hope this post doesn't seem like bragging or complaining.  I needed to remind myself a bit that I'm not horrible, and keep it real so you know it's not all smiles and sunshine here all the time.  I'm sure I'm not the only one with 2 year old's who scream and whine and throw tantrums with things to plan and deadlines to meet.  Heck, I'm sure most of you are much busier than I am!  So thank you for letting me get it out a little today.  I hope you all realize how much you each do for so many people!  

linking this up with Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday and wishing you a happy weekend! 


  1. Hey, you should wear your awesome Echino Tova if you have to keep yelling and being a "meanie" because then you'll look and feel awesome!

  2. I came over from Crazy Mom Quilts, and I have to give your Tova some love because I finished my first Tova this week. Yours is soo cute in the Echino! And yeah, I think glasses-wearing deer would help me deal with toddler tantrums with more grace. :)

  3. Girl. yesterday was the of my 2 yr old's life lol. he had a day like your girl today. I finally just put him to bed and he took a 5 hr nap (!!) and woke up sunny and happy again. :) Hang in there!

    xoxo melzie

  4. All us mom's have had bad days. Those mom that say otherwise just forget what it was like. Nice Tova and bee bee blocks.

  5. Oh, your picture of your girl having a fit just jumped out at me from my reader. I am so familiar with those days and they are just so tough. Hang in there!
    Love that stripy fabric in your first block. It really adds so much interest to the block! And I love your tova shirt, I'm off to look for the pattern.

  6. lol, thanks for sharing the tantrum. Gotta love moms who take pictures of their kids in bad moods - I do the same because while it is super frustrating, it is mildly amusing.

  7. Such gorgeous looking blocks. I have a younger brother that although he is a teenager, he still acts like he's about 5 sometimes...he can be a right well as the older one too!!

  8. Sheesh! I have teenagers who whine and cry and throw fits! I had an especially bad mom day on Saturday so i really appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one :-) It looks like you're still smoking me in the "getting things done" department. Keep it up girl :-)