Tuesday, November 27, 2012

finished broken dishes baby quilt for a friend

I've got this adorable pregnant friend who is ready to pop any day.  Hopefully they'll be parents this week, but you never know!

I made this quilt out of charm squares from my stash, many from participating in a boy/girl i-spy charm swap on flickr and then pairing them with a contrasting, or complimenting fabric in a broken dish pattern. 

I used this lovely tutorial from 3 kitchen fairies and I totally recommend it.  Super easy, super quick, and it turns out super lovely. 

The top went together so fast, partly because I was planning as I went and just played with it.  So fun. 

My favorite kind of sewing is when having fun makes it go quickly and together nicely.  That doesn't always happen, but it's sure nice when it does! 

Anyway, this little quilt will be gifted this week and hopefully will get to snuggle a new little girly before much longer! 


  1. Very sweet. I love the soft look of it.

  2. So cute! I love the modern/traditional mix!

  3. Marian, this quilt is so sweet! I just love it :-)