Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to not freak out...unless you want to. Then I have some recommendations.

(pssst!  I'm #598 in the bloggers quilt festival so if you feel like voting or nominating, go here!  There are so many, SO MANY, gorgeous quilts to pick from!)

So last night we watched Ghostbusters in honor of Halloween as I snuggled under my newly finished quilt.  Then it came up that I'd never seen Alien, so we watched that next...Here are my tips for surviving any creepy movie you haven't seen before...

1.  When your husband wants to watch Alien and you've never seen it before, make sure he turns the volume down so no creepiness gets lodged in your subconscious.  A quiet movie is a much less creepy movie.

2.  Make a random blog post to keep your mind occupied.  Especially after he says this is the movie that gave him nightmares for a week and you get creeeeeeped out easily (it makes my armpits sweat. Like really suddenly, and I hate it when things pop out at me).

3.  Distract yourself by deciding to make a quilt with these blocks in totally awesome fabrics.  I've become a bit obsessed with traditional blocks and patterns done in modern fabrics and color combinations.  They look so cool.  I'm thinking some text fabrics, and no solids.  And lots of fabrics I love, just because I love them.

4.  Check out fat quarter shop's sale page.  They've just put a bunch of Halloween fabrics on sale and I've got my eye on this bundle right here.  While you're at it, check all the sale pages : )

5.  Pinterest.  I get distracted here and can easily fill my mind with a reservoir of happy thoughts and ideas.  Zulilly and VeryJane are also favorite spots to browse.  Good deals too so that's always a happy thing.

6. Spoonflower.  I'm loving this design and think it would be awesome on one wall in a bathroom, or on the back of a bookcase if you got it in wallpaper.  Heck, it'd be so cool to wallpaper a closet with this!  Drawers lined with it...the possibilities are endless....I need some.  Or in fabric it would be a totally rad wholecloth quilt all on it's own.  Such a great design.

7.  Then, when the movie is only downloaded halfway, go to sleep because it's already 12:30.  But take a long shower first so you have time to forget about the movie.  Or just replay Spaceball's spoof of Alien in your head and laugh yourself to sleep!   

I don't really mind these alien types of movies because they're so far fetched.  I just hate it when something pops out of the wall (or someone's belly) and makes me jump...!

BUT! If you really want to creep yourself out, I recommend psychological thrillers like Hide and Seek, Psycho, or the cult favorite TV show from the 90's, Twin Peaks.

Anything Hitchcock is great.  He is still the master of suspense in my opinion.  Suspicion is a great one not many people have seen.

Part of me really enjoys the psychology of it because the mind is such an amazing, fascinating, and complicated thing, but those creepers stick with me much longer.  So put those on your list for next year, and make a quilt to have when you need to shield your eyes!

And then watch some Phineas and Ferb for some silly happiness!  Because Perry is fantastic.

By the way, HAPPY NOVEMBER!! 


  1. lol the other day, my boyfriend and I picked a movie and we didn't know there would be some horror in it (if I had known, I wouldn't have picked it).. I hate scarry movies too ! When it finished, I proposed we watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory to change our minds a little bit :)

    Ok, I'm off to answering your emails/comments :)

  2. I loved your quilt - and nominated it :O Now to stay a while and check out your blog :)