Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wow!!  I had over 300 comments on this giveaway! That's incredible, thank you all for participating!  I read every comment but didn't get to respond.  Your answers to "What makes you happy" were so wonderful, each one brought a smile to me, it was awesome!  So, thank you!!

If you decided to stick around and become a new follower, thank you!  I hope you'll enjoy it here ; )

There were 304 eligible comments and the random number generator chose #7!  (I don't know how to make a screen you'll have to trust me!

The 7th eligible comment was....

My preschooler makes me happy (and my husband!) And Christmas carols, cozy boots, sunny days, and sewing projects that turn out well :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sew. Quilt. Give. finished charity quilt

Today I am super pleased to present to you the finished quilt from another charity bee I have loved participating in: Sew. Quilt. Give.

I was in charge during the month of July and requested simple and colorful granny squares using this tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches.  

I received absolutely lovely blocks in return and made about 10 more to get the quilt to the size I wanted.  Finished, this quilt measures 45 1/2" x 54" and has been labeled and mailed!

I love how this quilt turned out!  I really wanted to do something a little extra bright and happy so whoever receives it will maybe be more inclined to smile or at least have this quilt to smile about!

I hope they love it.  I hope it brings peace and warmth and comfort.  I hope it is a happy place to go to when everything else seems to be wrong.  Jenn will be taking this quilt, and all the quilts made in Sew. Quilt. Give., to the Alexandria House in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Time is (almost) Here!!

Since I'm allowed to have the tree up with lights on now without embarrassing my husband, that's exactly what we've done!  We did put it up early though.  He was a little mortified....haha!

I thought I'd show you some of our Christmas Spirit and decorations.

We have lots of Nativity scenes.  At least 6. 

I grew up in Palo Alto, CA and every year, the church would put on a Christmas Creche exhibit and showcase different Nativity scenes from all over the world, made with all kinds of materials.

It was a tradition to go see it, and as it got to be a bigger event we would help with it as well. 

It was one of the highlights of the season and fell between my birthday and Christmas and I still miss it!  So we have several Christmas Creches here...

We have one Advent calendar that my mom made.  Each day we add a new ornament to the tree

I've seen this wonderful idea floating around and decided to try it out this year.

What do you know we already have 24 Christmas books suitable for kids!!  So I'm looking for one more, that might be a Christmas gift we can read last.  I'm thinking something that tells the Christmas story, not the Santa one as it'd be fitting for the day.  We'll see.

So I got all of them wrapped (Abby used my extra paper to wrap a couple of her books.  And no I didn't show her how to wrap, she just watched me and then copied me.  Like she does.  With everything!)

I'm excited for this month (and in total denial that it's actually here)!  I'm hoping we can enjoy these traditions and make some new ones as well. 

What traditions do you have in your family??

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Giveaway Day!!

And it's Monday again!

Welcome to anyone here from Sew, Mama, Sew!  I hope you'll like what you see here and want to hang around a bit.

My name is Marian and  I have 2 kids, 1 dog, and a wonderfully supportive husband.  They're all the best and so encouraging and tolerant of my need to buy fabric, cut it up, then sew it back together again.  I love them.

I make mostly quilts, and have an Etsy shop here (coupon code alert: THANKS25 for 25% off everything until the end of the year!) where I sell baby and toddler quilts, pillow covers, and zipper pouches, and whatever else I can think of!

Here's what I've been up to lately: 

 (photos by Allisa from her post)

Just yesterday I was featured on Allisa Jacobs' blog with three pillow covers I made using her fabrics (designed through Spoonflower) as part of her sewing social group!
 (photos by Allisa from her post)

It's a fantastic post, and group, with so many talented women I'm just thrilled to be part of!  I loved making these, Allisa's designs are gorgeous, and you should see what else she does!!
 (photos by Allisa from her post)

I've been broadening my skills by pattern testing for Diane at From Blank Pages.  She's a total doll and I've so enjoyed getting to know her through Instagram (I'm mgriffin87 if you feel so inclined) and her blog.
I was so scared of paper piecing.  It was on the "maybe I'll try it in 5 years if someone comes to my house and shows me how" list, but I figured I'd give it a shot when she asked for pattern testers! At least she'd get a total beginner's opinion right?

Well I totally love it.  This pattern in particular is so incredibly versatile!  I'm planning to turn what I've made here into a quilt, with this block off center with a neutral or solid background and awesome quilting.  I hope you come back to see how it turns out!!

AND the part you've been waiting for...the giveaway!!

I am offering this bundle of fabrics to one of you lucky ducks to enjoy!

This giveaway will be open to US READERS only (just to keep shipping costs down this month since I haven't shipped xmas gifts yet - so sorry to my international friends!!) and will be open until December 7th at 5pm at which point I'll pick and announce a winner!  

To enter: leave a comment on this post telling me something that makes you happy!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED!!  I read every comment and as soon as I figure out how to number them, I'll pick a winner!!  Thank you!  I am so excited at how many participated!!! 

Ready......GO! and have fun with the giveaways!  Hope you win something awesome!