Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Time is (almost) Here!!

Since I'm allowed to have the tree up with lights on now without embarrassing my husband, that's exactly what we've done!  We did put it up early though.  He was a little mortified....haha!

I thought I'd show you some of our Christmas Spirit and decorations.

We have lots of Nativity scenes.  At least 6. 

I grew up in Palo Alto, CA and every year, the church would put on a Christmas Creche exhibit and showcase different Nativity scenes from all over the world, made with all kinds of materials.

It was a tradition to go see it, and as it got to be a bigger event we would help with it as well. 

It was one of the highlights of the season and fell between my birthday and Christmas and I still miss it!  So we have several Christmas Creches here...

We have one Advent calendar that my mom made.  Each day we add a new ornament to the tree

I've seen this wonderful idea floating around and decided to try it out this year.

What do you know we already have 24 Christmas books suitable for kids!!  So I'm looking for one more, that might be a Christmas gift we can read last.  I'm thinking something that tells the Christmas story, not the Santa one as it'd be fitting for the day.  We'll see.

So I got all of them wrapped (Abby used my extra paper to wrap a couple of her books.  And no I didn't show her how to wrap, she just watched me and then copied me.  Like she does.  With everything!)

I'm excited for this month (and in total denial that it's actually here)!  I'm hoping we can enjoy these traditions and make some new ones as well. 

What traditions do you have in your family??


  1. I love the book tradition! What a great idea. We don't really have any traditions, sad, I know. We always do a gift exchange and dinner with the family, but it never happens on Christmas and this year because baby is coming, we're doing our exchange in January.
    I might steal the book idea to do with D though... Thanks!

  2. I love Caps for Sale! Great book.