Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sew. Quilt. Give. finished charity quilt

Today I am super pleased to present to you the finished quilt from another charity bee I have loved participating in: Sew. Quilt. Give.

I was in charge during the month of July and requested simple and colorful granny squares using this tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches.  

I received absolutely lovely blocks in return and made about 10 more to get the quilt to the size I wanted.  Finished, this quilt measures 45 1/2" x 54" and has been labeled and mailed!

I love how this quilt turned out!  I really wanted to do something a little extra bright and happy so whoever receives it will maybe be more inclined to smile or at least have this quilt to smile about!

I hope they love it.  I hope it brings peace and warmth and comfort.  I hope it is a happy place to go to when everything else seems to be wrong.  Jenn will be taking this quilt, and all the quilts made in Sew. Quilt. Give., to the Alexandria House in Los Angeles.


  1. This is a gorgeous quilt and I'm sure it'll make someone very very happy :)

  2. This is a beautiful quilt and I'm sure it'll make someone really happy !!