Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A quick hello!

Sorry I've been hibernating so much!  When it doesn't get much warmer than 18 degrees (unless it wants to snow, like this week) I just don't get much done. At all.  And have no desire to get on the computer, mostly because my fingers are ALWAYS cold.  It's nuts.  I need some warm weather. 
I've had some awkward friend experiences lately that have left me even more anxious to hibernate.    Long story short, I now don't have to worry about being in charge of something anymore, and am quite happy to cross it off my list of responsibilities.  Would've been nice if it had been handled nicely though....but whatever.  I'm figuring out how to be selective about things.  If I don't enjoy being around someone who isn't a positive or enjoyable person, then I'm not going to.  And if I don't enjoy doing something, I shouldn't feel obligated to do it.  And that is just fine. 
Moving on....I did manage to be creative this week and made this paper heart garland Sunday morning out of scrapbook paper I had around and some yarn.  I hung it over our dining table (that's in the living room) and I love it.  It adds some nice color during the winter. 
We got a new chair for the living room and got rid of our way too big and ugly green couch and it totally gives the room a much better feeling!  Feels so much more home-y and comfortable, we love it!  It decreases the seating but I'm not really worried about that, lol. 
Abby drew this jelly fish on Sunday while I cut out the hearts.  Now I need to find a frame!

I finished a quilt on Monday that I'd started in December after a particularly difficult parenting experience with Abby.  We were friends in the morning of course, but it was a reminder of how fast she's growing up and how she needs me less and less for certain things. 
I love how it turned out and will get some decent pictures when it's warm enough to go outside again ; )  The binding is my favorite part.  I really love that fabric, it's much more fun than I thought it would be!

I won a $25 gift card to Fat Quarter Shop a couple weeks ago from #talknt and finally used it!  I was very restrained and got some fabric to use as backing and binding for my Soda Pop quilt top from last year.  Now I just have to get to basting it! 

What have you been doing this month?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holy Hiatus Batman!

Sorry to have checked out like that!! 

Christmas was great.  Busy, but so fun.  And I think I fell asleep around 11 pm on New Year's Eve.  I'm still in denial that it's 2013, it totally snuck up on me, but here we are!

I got sick for a few days which obviously wasn't fun...and am close, but not quite back to normal yet and not really sure what caused it all so I'm going slow. 

I'm going to be participating in an auction to support Sandy Hook (I'm donating a quilt) that I'll have more details on soon.

It's inspiring to see how many different ways to help there are, and how many people have made such an effort to do kind things in light of such a terrible happening.

I haven't sewn much lately, sort of lost my mojo with getting sick...but I feel it returning.  Kindof need it to so keep your fingers crossed. 

Fat Quarter Shop has an awesome sale section right now that I've been drooling over.  Pink Castle has some great stuff on sale right now too.

I've gotten some great mail lately from wonderful people and places.  It totally continues to amaze me what awesome friends I've made online this year, and have enjoyed so much!  Incredible. 

I'm almost out of pins from basting too much, so I finally got a little quilting in last week!  I'll definitely have lots of finished things to show you this year.

We've got bunches of snow on the ground here in Idaho, and I'm not even ready to think about getting back into the swing of things (playgroups, church activities to plan, budgets, phone calls, appointments...)....I just want to hibernate.  Especially since it was -11 this morning....  That's way too cold for my California bones.  Way too cold. 

So...I didn't really come too close to finishing my 100 days hustle list, and honestly don't feel like reviewing it.  But I have decided to be, you know, somewhat responsible, and finish more than I start.  So, you'll be seeing a lot of finishes here so I can go forward into new projects with less guilt!  Yay. 

I did read a book while I was sick!  It was pretty good, not a happy scenario though, but definitely intense.  I didn't like the ending though but it was a surprise!

Now I need to finish bee blocks that are overdue (more than I'd like to admit to).  Then I have a pattern testing block to finish, a quilt for my best friend's birthday to get done, etc...

So tell me!  How have you been?? Is there anything on your list today??