Tuesday, March 26, 2013

clothes sewing

This weekend I did a bit of clothes sewing to break up the bee blocks I've been working on (don't worry, they'll all go out this week!) and it was really fun!

I sewed with jersey knit for the first time and made The Staple Dress Sunday morning and wore it to church! It is super comfy and I was impressed at how easily the pattern comes together, even though sewing with jersey will take some getting used to.  Shirring was also easier than I expected.  I only did one row of shirring and like how it gives the dress shape but doesn't feel awkward either. 

This pattern is totally worth the $12 and I'm absolutely going to be making more of these.  I love that purple.  Got the fabric at JoAnn's during their 25% off every purchase weekend.
Sadly I only took this super classy and awkward picture in the church bathroom before Matthew went to primary.

I added about 5 1/2 inches to the bottom of the dress so that it'd be long enough for my 5' 10" self and it was.  I didn't bother hemming the bottom or doing the facing on the sleeves (since I wore a cardigan and I'm lazy).  It was pretty tricky to get the facing on the collar but it's there. 

The little guy has been requesting "fancy bow-ties" to wear recently so I made this one for him Sunday after I finished my dress.  I used this tutorial and it was super easy to follow.  I hot glued the center to keep it in place.

I've got a stack of fabric he picked out ready to make more "fancy bow-ties" this week. 

The Geranium Dress pattern is cut and fabric is ready to make the little lady an Easter dress...

...and the Wiksten Tank pattern and fabric ready to make myself a tank and if that turns out well I'm going to use my bird knit to make a maxi dress for summer. 

AND THEN! I saw that the lovely people from Pink Castle Fabrics have a sale code today for 20% off in honor of spring...

so I got a few options to make some more tanks, and another dress for the little girl.  I'm pretty excited because I got all brave and chose a VOILE (the Anna Maria Horner print)!!

It's spring break over here but the Mr. is spending the week working so it's kindof like other weeks, minus the homework part for him.  I'm excited about my growing wardrobe!!  I've always been kindof a chicken when it comes to prints and clothes and have NEVER been excited about sewing my own (or anyone's) clothes, so this is pretty darn exciting.  I'll be back to share how things turn out soon! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Quilts in the shop!!

I've finished these quilts recently and just got them listed in my Etsy shop today.

First up is a low volume patchwork quilt that's super lightweight.  It has no batting and a flannel back and I kindof want to keep it because it feels so luscious!!  It's really super, I hope it goes to a good home that will snuggle it to bits!
You can find the listing for it here.

The second quilt is a baby quilt that features the Monsterz fabric line of adorable prints.  These little critters are so cute.  I can just see a little kids eyes light up as they discover everything these little monsterz are up to!  They're adorable. 

This quilt also has no batting and feels just as luscious with just a flannel back.  I love flannel, since it gets softer and lovelier with every wash it's awesome for kids since their stuff seems to gets washed more than everything else!  Both of these quilts will be great for all seasons (another bonus to no batting - not too hot and not too cold!). 

You can find the listing for this quilt here.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

more catch up...

Today is going to be busy...so here we go.

Last night I sewed up some table runners for a church dinner tonight.  No biggie but I was hoping to spend that time catching up on other things. 

I also get to decorate a table at the dinner tonight and make sweet potato casserole.  Ben's going to be the master of babysitting/manning the nursery at church during the dinner, which is another bonus point of awesomeness for him. 

It's my big brother's birthday today so we called and sang at him.  He lives in San Jose, CA and is spending the day with my mom doing fun stuff so that's good.  I wish we got to see him more often!

OUR WASHER IS FIXED!!! and it doesn't sound like a jet engine anymore which is really awesome!  AND it means I can move my fabric and stuff back and getting things going again!  Like right after I write this actually.  I'm trying to get my butt to the post office today before we have to pick Ben up from work.

I caved on a sale of some stuff I've been oogling for a while and got this shirt and this bag.  With a 20% off code I had, it was asking for it.  I seriously cannot wait to wear this shirt around all the time.  I probably should've gotten two of them....

Maybe after I sell another quilt I'll get another one.  And then that sweater.  I really love that sweater. 

Tonight I'll be sewing some more, and maybe taking a break to watch Psych.  Do you watch that show?  It's my very favorite thing.  Ever.  I love Guster.  Anyway, watch it.  Especially if you appreciate the 80's.  Some of the craftiest and cleverest dialogue on TV these days. 

and...I still can't find that cord.....I'll go hide in my corner for being a pictureless blogger again....

Friday, March 8, 2013

So February happened...

...and now it's March!

I can't find the cord to connect my phone to the Mac so for now I'm without pictures to share. 

This has been a very busy year so far.  Just this week we've had people come to check out and try to fix our washer (still needs a replacement motor we're waiting on now), and a home inspection from our landlord (I hate being inspected...makes me so nervous!).

Ben got into grad school, started an internship, and became the marketing guy for one of the clubs he's in so he's got a busy inconsistent schedule to say the least, but it's all good things. 

We passed around germs last month so I'm glad that's over with.   We've managed to get Abby almost potty trained.  It was rough going for a while, but I'm pretty sure the worst is over (fingers crossed).

I've been so busy trying to remember what appointments we have what days, what papers I need to get printed, questions I need to know answers to, or what I need to remember to ask, who I need to call....that I've dropped the ball on a bunch of other things like returning emails, blogging, checking flickr groups, making bee blocks, and keeping in touch with anybody!

I've sewn three things so far this year and you'll have to wait for pictures.  I finished a quilt in January, and then made two pillow covers for our couch in February to add some color to the greyness we've still got here in Idaho...

My sewing stuff is right next to the washer and when it broke I moved it all just to make sure the fabric would be safe and out of the way when the washer was being repaired....and have moved it back and forth about 4 or 5 times so far. 

Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know I'm alive, just busy.  And I hope this post doesn't sound like complaining...all these things we've had to do are good, and the problems we have had could be much worse, they've just made me tired and so I haven't been productive at all...

It's a nice rainy day today so I'm thinking we'll watch some movies, make cookies, and I'll slip back to my corner and get something done!

Get ready to see a swarm of bee blocks!! Once I find my cord of course.