Tuesday, March 26, 2013

clothes sewing

This weekend I did a bit of clothes sewing to break up the bee blocks I've been working on (don't worry, they'll all go out this week!) and it was really fun!

I sewed with jersey knit for the first time and made The Staple Dress Sunday morning and wore it to church! It is super comfy and I was impressed at how easily the pattern comes together, even though sewing with jersey will take some getting used to.  Shirring was also easier than I expected.  I only did one row of shirring and like how it gives the dress shape but doesn't feel awkward either. 

This pattern is totally worth the $12 and I'm absolutely going to be making more of these.  I love that purple.  Got the fabric at JoAnn's during their 25% off every purchase weekend.
Sadly I only took this super classy and awkward picture in the church bathroom before Matthew went to primary.

I added about 5 1/2 inches to the bottom of the dress so that it'd be long enough for my 5' 10" self and it was.  I didn't bother hemming the bottom or doing the facing on the sleeves (since I wore a cardigan and I'm lazy).  It was pretty tricky to get the facing on the collar but it's there. 

The little guy has been requesting "fancy bow-ties" to wear recently so I made this one for him Sunday after I finished my dress.  I used this tutorial and it was super easy to follow.  I hot glued the center to keep it in place.

I've got a stack of fabric he picked out ready to make more "fancy bow-ties" this week. 

The Geranium Dress pattern is cut and fabric is ready to make the little lady an Easter dress...

...and the Wiksten Tank pattern and fabric ready to make myself a tank and if that turns out well I'm going to use my bird knit to make a maxi dress for summer. 

AND THEN! I saw that the lovely people from Pink Castle Fabrics have a sale code today for 20% off in honor of spring...

so I got a few options to make some more tanks, and another dress for the little girl.  I'm pretty excited because I got all brave and chose a VOILE (the Anna Maria Horner print)!!

It's spring break over here but the Mr. is spending the week working so it's kindof like other weeks, minus the homework part for him.  I'm excited about my growing wardrobe!!  I've always been kindof a chicken when it comes to prints and clothes and have NEVER been excited about sewing my own (or anyone's) clothes, so this is pretty darn exciting.  I'll be back to share how things turn out soon! 

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